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8 February 2023
Written by
Lucrezia Worthington

A blend of local and middle eastern flavours

The newly designed Zaïa Restaurant is now open at Aethos Milano. This is an innovative concept in which the Chefs Luigi Gagliardi and Dario Guffanti have curated a menu that blends together northern Italy traditions with a middle eastern play on spices and flavours. Steering clear of the traditional Italian menu made up of ‘Antipasti’ ‘Primi’ and ‘Secondi’, Zaïa is an entire experience centred around new and exciting flavours. The menu will feature a selection of small appetisers that guests can order to share followed by the main courses (and of course deserts). Like in Michelin starred restaurants, guests can also embark on a culinary journey through a tasting menu, in which the chefs will serve a number of courses kicking things off with a home baked loaf of bread and spiced spreads. On the menu, you can find mullet served with white chocolate, porcini mushrooms and lard, the vialone nano rice with mizuna, almond ice cream, macadamia nuts and caviar, a contemporary salad with avocado and lamb in a sesame, honey and cabbage crust and many more exciting combinations.

The interior design is curated by Astet Studio, with warm colours combined with the wooden inserts to create a contemporary and comfortable atmosphere. A velvet curtain separates the restaurant room from the reserved area of the new Aethos Club, an intimate and engaging space where members can feel at home.

Discover Zaïa Restaurant

Milano Restaurant
Chefs Gigi and Dario. Ph. Credits Pion Studio
Restaurant Milan
Table spread. Ph. Credits Pion Studio

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