The harmonious blend of wine & meditation

28 July 2022
Written by
Lucrezia Worthington

A magical island, where one minute it rains, one minute it pours and the next, the sun shines as if there was no tomorrow. It’s magnetic, energetic, sacred. A space that feeds you energy. You embark on this journey of discovery, an inner guidance that invites you to reflect and to let go of all expectations whilst coming together in a sacred environment accompanied by a glass of sweet wine. This setting was created by GentleFighter founder Vanessa Villa in collaboration with Donnafugata, a family-run winery in the heart of Sicily. 

Donnafugata Khamma estate, Pantelleria. Ph. Alessio di Buò

FightGently Retreat Wine & Recharge combined the elements of Yoga, meditation and wine in a harmonious co-existence on the island of Pantelleria. Days commenced with sunrise meditation, a chance to align oneself through a guided practice led by Vanessa. It continued with a yoga flow, #fightgently style that empowers and releases through music and movement and ended with a very unique Music & Wine tasting put together by Donnafugata. A multi sensory experience in which each wine is accompanied by a carefully selected soundtrack and culinary pairings that enhanced every sensation.

Perhaps the most significant moment of the retreat was the closing circle that took place in Donnafugata’s estate in Pantelleria. Within the natural frame of a secret garden, it was a moment to share, to speak and to listen whilst sipping the iconic Ben Ryé, the only thing that can even come close to the sweetness of the entire experience.  

Donnafugata Wine
Ben Ryé. Ph. Alessio di Buò

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