fashionable spots to visit in Milan’s design district

22 September 2023
Written by The Italy Insider

The Tortona district of Milan may not be the Quadrilatero della Moda but it’s the epicentre of fashion ateliers and events throughout Fashion Week and Design Week. Here are sixteen of the coolest spots to visit in the neighbourhood.


Mudec Bottega Design Enrico Bartolini 

The Mudec (Museum of Cultures) in Milan houses Bottega Design, a boutique offering curated contemporary furniture and art objects. Within Mudec, you can also find the Michelin-starred restaurant Enrico Bartolini, known for its innovative Italian cuisine blending tradition and modernity, providing a unique cultural and culinary experience. Mudec’s blend of art, design, and fine dining makes it a cultural and gastronomic hub in Milan. WEBSITE

Mudec, Milano by Beppe Brancato. Courtesy Mudec


Armani /Silos

Armani/Silos, designed by architect Tadao Ando, is a Milanese museum dedicated to Giorgio Armani’s fashion and design legacy. Its extensive collection showcases over 40 years of his career, including clothing, accessories, and documents. Visitors can delve into his iconic creativity through thematic exhibitions and captivating photographs, gaining insight into the evolution of fashion and design. This museum serves as a testament to Armani’s enduring influence on the industry. WEBSITE

Exhibition space at Armani/Silos



NonostanteMarras, in via Cola di Rienzo, is an artistic haven conceived by designer Antonio Marras. This multifaceted space melds fashion, art, and design, offering a unique shopping experience. Its industrial-chic
interior showcases curated fashion, accessories, and home decor, all embodying Marras’ artistic flair. Beyond retail, it hosts exhibitions and events, championing emerging artists and designers, fostering creativity, and building a vibrant creative community. WEBSITE



Atelier Biagetti

Atelier Biagetti is a renowned design studio based in the Navigli district celebrated for its avant-garde and boundary-pushing creations in the world of contemporary art and design. Founded by Alberto Biagetti and Laura Baldassari, this innovative atelier challenges conventional design norms with their thought-provoking and artistic approach. Their works – installations, objects, and performances – are exhibited in public institutions, private spaces, museums, and galleries in Italy and abroad, such as the Triennale di Milano, Art Basel Design in Miami, Secondome in Rome, Galleria Riccardo Crespi in Milan, Galerie Italienne in Paris, Roehrs & Bosetsch in Zurich, and Hostler Burrows in New York. WEBSITE

Courtesy Atelier Biagetti


LabSolue, Magna Pars

Nestled off the beaten track in the heart of the quirky district of Tortona, Magna Pars, l’hotel à Parfum is a hotel unlike others. Born out of the love for perfume, art and hospitality, this ex-perfume factory is today a refreshing, futuristic hotel beautifully designed and furnished with a careful approach to sustainability. Inside however, this fantastic hotel still treasures LabSolue, an outlet dedicated to the perfumes made in-house – take a small stroll around like a bumblebee, smelling the different fragrances which can be used as eau de parfums, room diffusers and candles – who knows, you may walk out with oh just another candle to pop on your mantlepiece. WEBSITE

LabSolue at Magna Pars


Mafalda 86 sunglasses

If you’re enjoying a shopping afternoon in Via Tortona and you love sunglasses, you can’t miss “Mafalda 86”, a Milan-based eyewear boutique. It started with a quest for unique glasses worldwide and has now become a flagship store in the vibrant Tortona district. The shop offers handcrafted eyeglasses and sunglasses, inspired by the fashion of the 1950s and 1960s. If one of your goals is to come back from Italy with a unique  piece, this is the perfect spot for you! WEBSITE

Artisan making Mafalda 86 glasses


Cinema Mexico

Cinema Mexico is a historic, neighbourhood arthouse cinema with productions in their original language. Although the interior has recently been redesigned, it still retains the vintage atmosphere of a 70s movie theatre. WEBSITE

Courtesy Clivati 1969


Pasticceria Clivati 1969

Clivati is one of the city’s oldest cafès that opened back in 1969 by Master Pastry Chef Angelo Clivati. It is one of those places that you would just love to have by your home: open all day from the moment those flaky croissants come out the oven to aperitivo, enjoyed in the small outdoor space which becomes so magical during winter with heaters and dangling fairy lights. They’re creative here – not only in the form of perfectly shaped cakes, mignons or savoury bites (the carbonara cannellone is something you have to try) – but also in the window displays; during the festivities this place comes to life and certainly maintains this fantastic energy every day. WEBSITE



A revolutionary outlet in the heart of the city centre that brought an elevated plant-based offer to the international cuisine scene. The environment is elegant, feminine, with pink and gold interiors and the cuisine follows a similar approach – neatly arranged, aesthetic dishes (perfect for the gram). What can you eat here? Polenta and patè, vegan of course, jackfruit and ginger sushi, “cacio” and pepe spaghetti with peanuts cream and vegan cheese, black pepper and caper paprika powder, and planted kebab skewers. WEBSITE

Courtesy Linfa Milano



Definitely the best fish restaurant in town. The reason is that the owner, Enrico Bonocore, is also a partner in a counter at the fish market: the first choice is always reserved for the cuisine of this restaurant in via Savona, in the heart of the Milanese design district. Three formats: the gourmet restaurant, the bistro and the kitchen. A dish to try is the Catalan-style blue lobster, a classic among the many exceptional dishes. WEBSITE

Langosteria Via Savona


Tannico Wine Bar

Tannico is one of the most well curated wine shops on Via Savona, where you can come along to purchase fine Italian labels (around 800 in total) as well as taste over an aperitif or savour over a lengthly dinner. The atmosphere is intimate, cool – almost Londonesque – with a contemporary outlook in both design and cuisine. Tannico also holds numerous weekly events, a ‘tasting lecture’ in which you learn about various methods of vinification, discover lesser known wineries or, for the master wines, a detailed degustation of champagne – each event includes a serious of tastings accompanied by a selection of bites or a 3 course dinner. You can book your spot online. WEBSITE

Courtesy Tannico Wine Bar
Courtesy Tannico Wine Bar



Cà-Ri-Co is a casual dining and cocktail drinking spot on the lively Via Savona that lights up from Aperitivo hour to the early morning. The aesthetics are very industrial, experimental and mix and match – basically the district of Tortona in a nutshell. Savour the enigmatic cocktails and accompany with well-balanced sharing dishes that range from oysters and fish tacos to scottona beef tartare and glazed courgette. If you are a cocktail enthusiast however you may also wish to attend one of the bar experience nights – next event is dedicated to the iconic of Negroni cocktail. WEBSITE


Vico, Milano

Vico Milano was brought to life by Neri Baccheschi Berti, the same family behind the Castello di Vicarello in Tuscany. The notion was to combine a hotel with an art gallery, presenting the seven suites and common areas in a beautiful, aesthetic way, Art and creativity have been deeply engraved in the history of the palazzo (located in Corso Genova 11) as it once used to house the Legnano bike factory and later the Bungai showroom. This heritage has been highlighted and reimagined through the hotel’s interior design; in fact, a lot of effort has been put into the furnishings; from internationally sourcing the materials to the tailor making of the furniture (the armchairs have been made to measure). These spaces were designed by the Sicilian architect: Giuseppe Alito. Alongside the hotel, Vico Milano houses a library, a lounge and a speakeasy-style bar with a wine list featuring Bacceschi Bert award-winning wines and a wide selection of cocktails. WEBSITE

Vico Milano



Aethos Milano is a vibrant boutique hotel in the heart of the Navigli district. Only 33 rooms, each furnished with two key elements as a fil rouge: sport and vintage. The excitement stands within the unknown, like opening a Christmas present: one time you could get a basketball themed room and the next, surf or boxing. Here there’s everything: an extraordinary gym, a co-working space, Zaïa – one of the coolest restaurants on the scene at the moment and The Doping Bar – a casual speak easy with an experimental cocktail concept. WEBSITE

Courtesy Aethos


Savona 18

Savona 18 Suites is a boutique hotel in the heart of Navigli. Everything is chic and carefully curated, studied and carried out by Aldo Cibic, a famous designer who created 42 rooms, all unique to each other. There is also an artsy breakfast area and an intimate outdoor courtyard. WEBSITE


Experience Design Bed&Show

Experience Design Bed&Show in Milan’s via Tortona offers a unique interior design experience with
evolving spaces showcasing top design brands’ products. Visitors can interact with innovative furnishings,
personalize their stay, and access exclusive services like private chef dinners and massages. It also hosts
design-related meetings, provides interior design consultancy, and offers direct purchasing with special
benefits, making every visit truly exceptional and, if you’re in need of a gala dress then you can rent one for the night too. WEBSITE

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