Toscana glamorous

8 May 2023
Written by
Sara Magro

Discover Tuscany through the eyes of the Ferragamo

« Do you know what the most distinctive feature of Tuscany is? » asks Vittoria Ferragamo. «Quality in everything, from agriculture to hospitality». For her, born and raised in one of the families of Italian high fashion, her land is the perfect synthesis of her values: sustainability, nature and outdoor life. “I love horses, the vegetable garden and cellars. I love our woods and gullies. And I think the time has come to reflect more on the richness we have and can enjoy. In my opinion, walking and contemplating is no longer enough: we need to delve into the history of the places. Only in this way we can appreciate, but also defend, the priceless value they have». Luckily, Tuscany has the advantage of not having been destroyed, like other regions by industries, well before the current ecological sensibility.

This land is so beautiful and rich that you cannot say go visit Florence but not Lucca, go to Pisa but not Grosseto or go to see the Crete Senesi, but avoid the Maremma. «Each place is wonderful and special in its way, it is a destination that deserves its own trip, with unique excellences», continues Salvatore Ferragamo, brother of Vittoria. «Tuscany has references of all kinds: culture, art, architecture. It is simply a land museum. «I am very attached to Argentario with its crystalline sea: it has nothing to envy the Caribbean, in my opinion. And the Valdarno, where our Il Borro Winery and Country Resort is located, is still emerging from a tourist point of view. Salvatore laughs as he quotes Dante, who in Canto XIV of Purgatory explains how even Arno avoids Arezzo. As the founding father of vernacular Italian, from the very first words, he taught the art of language, which spares nothing and no one. So much that one always willingly memorises his verses, seven hundred years after his death in September 1321.

«Arezzo – continues Salvatore – is a beautiful city: with the frescoes by Piero della Francesca in the Palazzo del Comune and in the Basilica of San Francesco. It has its moments of collective happiness when the squares are transformed into an antique bazaar on the first Sunday of the month or into a medieval gathering during the Saracen joust with knights armed with spears, flag-wavers and drums».

But there is one topic that lights up the face of all Tuscans: the cuisine. «Its secret is uniqueness and authenticity. Each area has its own ingredients and special recipes», says Salvatore. «Here we are spoiled, because our products always come from close by, and are genuine. Only here can you find zolfini beans, light with a very thin skin. And then we can season everything with fresh, natural oil. We don’t realize how lucky we are, because beauty and goodness are part of our daily life». He leaves us with a curiosity to reveal: «Next time you go to Valdarno, ask for the Sangiovannese stew, with veal and spices. When it’s cold outside and there’s a mist, it warms your heart».

Salvatore Ferragamo

Vittoria Ferragamo

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