The Hoxton hotel, Roma

10 March 2022
Written by
Lucrezia Worthington

An international touch in a very national city

For its 10th location in the world and 1st location in Italy, The Hoxton opens in the Parioli district of Rome near the MACRO and MAXXI Museum. This neighbourhood is known to be the area of the affluent, socialite Romans. But the Hoxton is different; yes, its a space that brings people together with no preconceptions nor expectations. This is an inclusive space apt for everybody, from the solo traveller to locals simply looking to ‘hang out’ or work from somewhere other than the office. The Hoxton is renowned for being deeply rooted into culture and community; in fact, each location reflects the neighbourhood it’s housed in through various elements and experiences. What ties each Hoxton together is the inclusive philosophy and implausible sense of design.

The hotel is housed inside a 70s building and despite the renovations that took place, the brand preserved certain elements juxtaposing vintage and contemporary in a harmonious way. Two entrances lead to the Hoxton Hotel, whose reception is not actually placed at the entrance but further down the hall. You walk through Cugino, an all day café with a sweeping curved bar and the communal area, a warm, cosy lobby.

Despite the large number of rooms (192), the attention to detail is grand; each room is equipped with a Survival Guide, with tips and pointers on what to do and where to go (as well as useful information on the hotel). The connecting thread in each space of The Hoxton is the utmost attention to detail when it comes to the design, curated by Ennismore Design Studio. Here, inspiration has been drawn from the nostalgic interiors of classic Italian cinema with Roberts radio, a 60s telephone and other bits and bobs.

On the culinary front, guests are spoilt for choice. Cugino is an all day destination with a farm-to-table approach in collaboration with local restaurants marigold. Beverly on the other hand has a Cali inspired menu, and not only. The menu is focused on delivering healthy, farm-to table dishes with locally sourced raw materials. The cocktail menu is also fun; don’t miss the chance to try The Hoxton’s signature cocktail at Aperitivo. The Lilikoi, a Vodka and Passion Fruit based cocktail is served in a flamboyant flamingo cup.

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Beverly Restaurant, The Hoxton Rome
Beverly Restaurant, The Hoxton Rome

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