restaurants with the most beautiful outdoor courtyards in Italy

23 June 2022
Written by Lucrezia Worthington

Although Italy is known for getting pretty warm during the day in Summer, what better way to enjoy this mediterranean climate than eating outdoors, shaded by trees, plants and pergolas and enjoy a variety of cuisine from your traditional Italian to a more revisited, contemporary approach. Focaccia and fig anyone?


Pianostrada, Roma, lazio

Pianostrada is an ‘experimental Lab’ on the Lungotevere pioneered by four women: Chiara, Paola and their daughters Flaminia e Alice. The location is a suave, vintage feel, with an open kitchen and a beautifully curated courtyard set among climbing plants, flowers and herbs. The menu is seasonal and built around simple dishes. Here presentation as well as flavour is key – each dish is beautifully composed on a plate. You’ll find “street food” such as burgers, meatballs and fish & chips as well as a creative twist to traditional dishes that carry a taste of Italy to Rome (pasta alla Nerano is their latest addition). Another recent addition to the menu is the Mediterranean sushi and a classic, that you mustn’t leave without trying is the focaccia. you’ll thank us later. All is accompanied by a well-assorted wine list. WEBSITE

Pianostrada. Ph. Credits Monica Vinella


Al Garghet,
Milano, lombardia

For those visiting Milan, making your way out to Al Garghet is like killing two birds with one stone. Not only do you escape from the hustle and bustle of the city but also you taste one of the best rated Cotoletta alla Milanese. There are various spaces you can book your table but the botanical garden is perfect for the season: tables literally immersed among hyacinths, tulips, azaleas, camellias and jasmines. WEBSITE

Garghet Milano
Dehors at Al Garghet



Situated on the main street, what on the outside seems like your classic trattoria, is everything but classic. You step into an enchanted garden, with a greenhouse structure as your indoors and a lemon tree filled outdoors. An exceptionally presented space with shaded tables and hanging ventilators for those hot, summer days. The food goes beyond expectations despite the central “touristy” location. A seafood based menu with catch of the day, sautéed clams and mussels and, the showstopper: spaghetti alle vongole with yellow tomatoes, for a delicate, sweet twist to the traditional recipe. Desert, we couldn’t recommend more the Delizia al Limone, as well as being a regional classic, this one was truly exquisite. WEBSITE

Dehors at O’Parrucchiano


Da Paolino ai Limoni, capri, campania

When life gives you lemons … Paolino designed his restaurant. Iconic of Capri, Da Paolino is a garden embellished with lemon trees with a constant white, green and yellow theme running throughout the design from the glasses to the ceramic placemats. A romantic atmosphere that marries the concept of La Dolce Vita, with of course, a few dishes that must be tasted. As you can probably guess, lemons are the stars of the show and therefore the Ravioli Capresi al limone should be tried as well as the tagliolini al limone, For starters, an iconic dish is the Bomba Paolino, a fried panzerotto filled with mozzarella and ham – a little heavy but perfect as a sharing dish. The lemon sorbet is a light, zingy and fragrant end to the meal. WEBSITE

Table spread at Da Paolino, Capri


le jardin de russie, roma, lazio

Le Jardin de Russie is the restaurant situated in the courtyard of the Hotel de Russie, a Rocco Forte hotel, on Via del Babuino. Nestled at the feet of Il Pincio and Villa Borghese, le Jardin de Russie wishes to bring a tranquil environment to the city centre. It’s a hideaway, where one can taste Chef Fulvio Pierangelini’s wonderful cuisine with the sound of the chirping birds and scent of the blooming jasmine. Also, the indoor area has recently been decorated by the skilful hand of the Italian artist Gio Bressana who wished to bring the external, natural environment indoors with soft, muffled painting techniques. A pleasant, breezy space to escape from the city centre (even if its only for a few hours!) WEBSITE

Le Jardin de Russie


Erba Brusca,
Milano, lombardia

Tucked away in the outskirts of Milan, Erba Brusca is an agricultural farm with restaurant. The cuisine, as you can expect, is seasonal, fresh and creative with a menu that varies on a weekly basis. The cuisine is not vegetarian although it may as well be: Alice Delcourt, half french and half english, loves to make vegetables the protagonists of her dishes and uses them in the most formidable ways. This summer, on a fortnight basis, Erba Brusca has inaugurated BBQ ‘burn baby burn’ night that consists in a large table en plein air with music in the background and a gigantic spread of smoked barbecued meats, grilled vegetables, wine and beers. WEBSITE

Erba Brusca dehors


Agricola Fore Porta,

amalfi, campania

With a farm to table approach, Agricola Fore Porta is an agriturismo located on the Amalfi Coast in the Valle delle Ferriere, near Amalfi. A family run location with rooms and a restaurant that must be pre booked due to the fact that they can only receive a maximum of 25 people. Specialised in producing fresh, organic and seasonal produce the menu changes on a constant basis depending on what’s cultivated in their vegetable garden however rest assured you’ll be tasting some local specialities including lemon based dishes from spaghetti and risotto to the signature Fore Porta cake made with almonds, lemons, limoncello and honey. The setting in mesmerising, under a wooden pergola overlooking the sea from above. WEBSITE


Giacomo Pietrasanta, toscana

Giacomo Bulleri, of Tuscan origins, opened his first restaurant in the centre of Milan back in the 90’s and today, Giacomo Milano has returned to the homeland opening a new location in Pietrasanta, a small village in northern Tuscany near Lucca. The restaurants are renowned for their authenticity, combining the style of a classic trattoria of the 1900’s with traditional Italian cuisine. The location presents itself beautifully, with a polished vintage inspired indoors and a charming dehors surrounded by plants and flowers in bloom. Located along the coast it comes to no surprise that the menu features many fresh seafood dishes but of course there’s also an integration of tuscan and milanese classics. WEBSITE

Giacomo Pietrasanta


LA BEPPA FIORAIA, firenze, toscana

La Beppa Fioraia is your traditional osteria with a contemporary guise on the southern part of the city. Local cuisine combined with a modern design and a beautifully maintained courtyard with scattered tables and deck chairs: the epitome of a relaxed environment. The menu features delicious platters, cold cuts, cheeses and homemade jams. Only to continue with beautifully presented pasta dishes, chargrilled meats and locally sourced, organic vegetables. Ps. the deserts are too delicious to be overlooked, make sure you leave some space for them! WEBSITE

Beppa Fioraia
A dish at La Beppa Fioraia


Le Serre by Vivi,

roma, lazio

Are you looking for a break from the (exquisite-but-heavy) roman cuisine?Le Serre by ViVi is a restaurant set within a botanical garden in the area of Monte Mario in Rome with a healthy selection of dishes. A secluded space open from breakfast to brunch, lunch to dinner with a cuisine whose roots are firmly mediterranean with international inspirations from the Middle East to South America and Asia, Every dish has been carefully thought out and the ingredients are of high quality and locally sourced. From poké, sushi and ceviche to Spanish gazpacho, vegetarian burgers and chicken/veggie curry there is a little something for everyone, all within this idyllic, natural setting. WEBSITE

Outdoors at Le Serre by Vivi

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