Summer Escape to the Sorrento peninsula

23 June 2023
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Everything you need to know to plan your trip

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the Sorrento Coast is the spectacular panorama, with the high and rocky coast jutting out over the Gulf of Naples, and the contrast of colours, the green of the terraced vineyards, olive groves and citrus trees and the blue in all its hues.

vico equense

Vico Equense is the door that welcomes you to the Sorrento peninsula, welcoming sweeping views across the Gulf of Naples and, on good days, Ischia and Procida. It has a thriving culinary scene with the likes of Chef Peppe Guida and Chef Gennaro Esposito as well as being the birthplace of Pizza a Metro (pizza by the metre) by Gigino Dell’Amura.

Vico Equense

What to do

visit la chiesa della Santissima Annunziata

Perched upon a clifftop over the sea, this picturesque 14th century church is one of the few examples of gothic architecture on the Sorrento peninsula. It has a pinkish colour that becomes extremely prominent at sunrise, and creates a mystical atmosphere.

Cappella di Santa Lucia

Located in Massaquano, the chapel is painted with 14th century frescoes by an anonymous student of Giotto.

Granita with a view 

At the Bar Ristorante Belvedere Monte Faito order a lemon granita and enjoy a sublime view across Naples and the islands of Procida, Ischia and Capri. WEBSITE

Beach Clubs

Il Bikini

Il Bikini is one of the coolest beach club along the coastline, that blends a salty casual atmosphere with a well refined dinner menu. It’s an exclusive location, sheltered by a cliff and overlooks mt. Vesuvius which, at sunset, becomes a true sight for sore eyes. Book well in advance. WEBSITE

Murrano Mare

A beach club, restaurant and cocktail bar located in the heart of Vico Equense. Sun loungers line a platform suspended above the sea from where you can descend into the waters and throughout the day order refreshing drinks and light lunches in this pleasant environment. Cost is €50 for two sun beds, towels and one umbrella. WEBSITE

Where to eat

la tradizione

A bistrot belonging to the De Gennaro family that speaks of tradition – a tradition as Italians would say ‘di una volta’. A counter filled with wines, preserves and products from the territory as well as a small menu with dishes that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. For cheese lovers make sure you taste the Provolone del Monaco and Fiordilatte di Agerola. WEBSITE

Gigino Pizza A Metro

This is the place where ‘Pizza al Metro’ or literally, pizza by the meter, was created by Gigino Dell’Amura. His idea was to create pizzas with different sizes according to the number of people at a table in order to satisfy the need to serve more guests in the shortest possible time – but always delivering high quality ingredients. There is an array of possibilities to chose from, but the Nerano served with zucchini, mozzarella, courgette flowers and provolone del monaco is wonderful. WEBSITE

Cremeria Gabriele

Located in the centre of Vico Equense, this is the destination to visit for a sweet pit-stop. Opened 70 years ago by Gabriele Cuomo, it is renowned throughout Italy as one of the best ice cream stores. However this store is not limited to creamy goodness, there is also a fair share of cheese, cakes and liqueurs as well as products to take home with you. WEBSITE

Villa Chiara

To delve into farm-to-table cuisine, head to Villa Chiara where many ingredients have been grown entirely with natural farming methods. Immersed among vineyards, orchards and citrus groves you’ll taste the dishes of Fabiana Scarica made only with local  and seasonal produce. WEBSITE

Gigino Pizza a Metro
Antica Osteria Nonna Rosa

La Torre del Saracino

Located within a 14th century watch tower, La Torre del Saracino is a restaurant with a wonderful view of the sea. The cuisine is signed by Chef Gennaro Esposito who elevates local ingredients through tradition and innovation. A ‘must try’ dish is Tagliatelle with broccoli and sea urchins. WEBSITE

Antica Osteria Nonna Rosa

At Antica Osteria Nonna Rosa (one Michelin star), Chef Peppe Guida welcomes guests into his country home where his menu stays faithful to the Campania tradition and its products, mostly coming from the Chef’s farm in Montechiaro. Signature of the restaurant is the Spaghettini with water and lemon, EVO oil and Provolone del Monaco. You can also stay overnight at Villa Rosa – La Casa di Lella, where you’ll be welcomed in simple, classic designed rooms where the views and sense of tranquility is priceless. WEBSITE

Laqua Country

An idyllic setting nestled in the countryside with a menu curated by Chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo, complete with a vegetable garden and olive grove, where you can also sleep and relax among nature and wellness programs. The cuisine is an ode to the Chef’s journey, travelling from northern Italy to the South, integrating flavours and techniques with a beautiful composition on the plate. WEBSITE

Riso, timo, vongole and patate at Laqua Country. Ph. Credits Chiara Russo


Abbazia Di Crapolla

Abbazia di Crapolla is located along a plain of sand at the feet of Monte Faito, within a mesmerising setting where you can take a scenic walk through the vineyards and book a wine tasting experience. Of course, every bottle is for sale. WEBSITE


Caseificio De Gennaro

Ph. Credits Caseificio de Gennaro

A dairy store that has been running strong for the past five generations dedicated to the production of excellent quality cheeses produced with milk from the Lattari Mountains. You’ll find an array of both fresh and aged cheeses from the renowned Provolone del Monaco and Cacio Cavallo to lesser known cheeses such as O’chiavcon and Fiaschella. For true gourmet palettes, try the Caciolimone, a collaboration between the Caseificio de Gennaro and Chef Peppe Guida. There is also a museum that explains the most ancient techniques of production of cheeses and dairy products. WEBSITE

Where to sleep

Hotel Capo La Gala

Located on the rocky promontory of Vico Equense, overlooking the Gulf of Naples, Hotel Capo La Gala is an elegant hotel with all the comforts of a five star including a private beach, free parking, shuttle service and a wonderful sundeck from where you can enjoy the sunset with a drink. Of course a SPA and Fine Dining as well. WEBSITE

Hotel Mary 

Located in a strategic and panoramic location overlooking the Tyrrhenian. Designed in an art decò style with natural light infusing in each room. Guests will also have access to the hotel’s private beach. WEBSITE

Lampara Bed & Breakfast

There are two outlets: one on the marina and one in the centre of Vico Equense. Each room has a tasteful design with a blue palette that recalls the sea from which the rooms (at the marina) overlook. Breakfast consists of a fantastic spread of local delicacies, both sweet and savoury. A small, affordable gem in this village. WEBSITE

Meta di Sorrento 

Sorrento is both a touristic hub and center for those wishing to explore the neighbouring towns. But the Sorrento Coast is different from the Amalfi Coast and Meta di Sorrento, the very small village before Sorrento coming from Naples is a tiny gem. A fishermen’s village located inside an enclave created by a rock spur. Don’t expect a beautiful town center as such but expect authenticity, peace and magic. Magic in the attention of the locals, magic in the sunset that sets right in front of you over Ischia, Procida and mt. Vesuvius, magic in living true Italian authenticity.

Beach of Meta di Sorrento

What to do

As we get into summer its okay to spend the day lounging at the beach. In fact, Meta di Sorrento houses the only sandy beaches in the peninsula. Head to La Conca beach club on the Spiaggia di Alimuri beneath the giant Cavaliere rock or head around to Lido Marinella where you can rent canoes and pedalos and reach the tiny Spiaggia degli Innamorati.

Where to eat

Ristorante La Conca

Down on the beach in Meta di Sorrento. A menu that has both traditional seafood dishes such as Spaghetti alle Vongole or Fritto Misto, but also some creative additions such as Posedonia pasta (fresh-egg pasta shaped like the seaweed) with seafood or linguine with prawns and artichokes. A very modest restaurant with an excellent quality to price ratio. Ps. head down at sunset for a mesmerising view. WEBSITE

Giosué a Mare

A hotel with a sensational restaurant overlooking the large beach of Meta di Sorrento. Savour Spaghetti alle Vongole on the terrace, accompanied by a glass of crisp white wine as you watch the fantastic landscapes out in front of you. In the evening, this casual eatery becomes a romantic place for a date with your loved one. WEBSITE


Cooperativa Solagri

Located just outside Meta di Sorrento in Sant’Agnello, the Cooperativa Solagri is dedicated to the production of limoncello and whose lemon trees are an integral part of the coastal landscape. As well as the much loved liqueur, you can also purchase citrus infused Extra virgin olive oil from the Sorrento Peninsula, jams and marmalades and essential oils. WEBSITE

Pasticceria di Savarese Giovanni

A very small bakery whose smell seems to ooze all the way down the street of Via Caracciolo. It’s as if you enter through a small door into a big world, like in Alice in Wonderland, where you’ll find an array of pastries, cakes, biscuits and bread freshly baked every morning. Make sure you try the almond paste biscuits and ‘le sigarettine’, small rolls of sponge with a citrus infused flavour.

Where to sleep

Laqua by the Sea 

One of Cinzia and Antonino Cannavacciuolo’s properties (4 in total) nestled in a bay. A very intimate b&b style hotel with a SPA. Only six suites with private swimming pools and an immaculate attention to design with avant-garde with chromotherapy lighting and an awe-inspiring view at sunset. WEBSITE

Laqua by the Sea. Ph. Credits Beatrice Pilotto


Sorrento is home to decked beaches and cutting edge panoramas that only get better as the day progresses. It’s a town divided in two parts, with the windy center filled with souvenir stores and exquisite restaurants up the top and the seaside as well as the harbour from where you can reach the neighbouring islands down below.

What to do

Cross under La Porta Greca

At the Borgo marinaro of Marina Grande cross the Porta Greca which, according to an old legend, all the sailors who crossed the threshold fell in love with a local woman.

Museo Correale

In Via San Cesario, among lace and marquetry workshops take a pitstop at the Correale museum where you can discover the collection of minor arts from the 17th and 19th centuries. WEBSITE

Boat Tour with Sorrento Luxury charter

Hop on a boat for a tour of the coastline or perhaps go even further to the islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida. WEBSITE

Visit the Vallone dei Mulini

The Vallone dei Mulini is one of the hidden gems of the area and it used to belong a group of five Valloni, which marked the natural borders of some countries of the peninsula. The valley owes its name to the presence of a mill built around 1600 which used the course of the waters of the valley stream for grinding grain and today, due to the humid climate, many ferns and other plants have entirely taken over.

Grab an Ice Cream from Raki Gelato

Located in the central part of Sorrento in between shops and bars. But this place stands out for its unique flavours (all natural) – Fig, almond and laurel anyone? WEBSITE

Visit the Fiordo di Crapolla

A small, natural fjord in the area of Torca. This is one of those small, hidden gems that you’ll need to sweat a little before you arrive, but it’s worth the ‘work-out’. You can park at Piazza San Tommaso Apostolo di Torca and then take a 1km hike down to this cove.

Vallone dei Mulini

Beach Clubs

Marameo beach club

Located in the heart of Sorrento, just below the municipal gardens. You can head up and down via the elevator or a few steps to reach this very picturesque beach club with azure coloured huts that was recently renovated. The views out to Vesuvius are incredible and enhanced at sunset which you can watch with a cocktail or over dinner at the restaurant. WEBSITE

Where to eat

Terrazza Bosquet Excelsior Vittoria

The Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria is synonymous with Sorrento, a historic location and inspiration to many, including the great Lucio Dalla. The restaurant Terrazza Bosquet and terrace overlook the coastline and provide one of the most romantic backdrops at sunset. Here, Executive Chef Antonino Montefusco prepares refined dishes deeply rooted in the territory with meticulous attention to the gastronomic excellences of Campania. WEBSITE

Il Buco Sorrento

An eclectic and contemporary designed restaurant with an excellent wine cellar whose cuisine is an evocation of the territory with an artistic flair. The menu is signed by Chef Peppe Aversa, with a highly qualified and researched proposal that aims to enhance simple ingredients through innovative techniques and flavour combinations. A must try is the Linguine with redfish marinated in lemon, bottarga and sun-dried tomato. WEBSITE

Don Geppi, Majestic Palace Hotel 

Located within the Majestic Palace Hotel, Don Geppi is a Michelin starred restaurant with a very unique interior: a painted canvas, created by the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, covers the walls with a verdant landscape enriched by many architectural, sculptural and floral details. An enchanting space provides the ultimate backdrop for an excellent culinary journey that Chef Mario Affinita offers through a tasting menu that speaks of tradition and territory combined with a creative flair. WEBSITE

L’Antica Trattoria dal 1930

An exquisite location in which cast iron tables are placed in the outdoor garden among lemon trees, flowers and aromatic herbs. This family run restaurant is a classic, with a traditional culinary concept in which flavours are elevated through the high quality of local ingredients. WEBSITE

O’ Parrucchiano

Situated on the main street, what on the outside seems like your classic trattoria, is everything but classic. You step into an enchanted garden, with a greenhouse structure as your indoors and a lemon tree filled outdoors. An exceptionally presented space with shaded tables and hanging ventilators for those hot, summer days. The food goes beyond expectations despite the central “touristy” location. A seafood based menu with catch of the day, sautéed clams and mussels and, the showstopper: spaghetti alle vongole with yellow tomatoes, for a delicate, sweet twist to the traditional recipe. Desert, we couldn’t recommend more the Delizia al Limone, as well as being a regional classic, this one was truly exquisite. WEBSITE

O’ Parrucchiano


The concept takes you back a few centuries to when the wood-fired vrasera became the melting pot for cuisine, and families would gather around and share chats and laughter. Here, the cuisine follows simple steps: from garden to the grill, in which dishes lean towards a revisited, contemporary presentation. All to be enjoyed with a glass of local wine. WEBSITE

Trattoria dei Mori

A very ‘terra terra’ restaurant much loved by the locals. Here you’ll find Gragnano pasta proposed in different recipes: from fish to seasonal vegetables. Try the fresh scialatielli with seafood. WEBSITE

Ristorante Zì Ntonio

Perfect for those with a hefty appetite. A menu that features all your typical dishes of the region: Candele alla Genovese, Mezze Maniche alla Nerano, Pizza and, of course, Gnocchi alla Sorrentina. WEBSITE

Antonino Esposito Pizza

Antonino Esposito is one of the greatest pizzaioli of the region (and perhaps of the whole of Italy). He learnt the art from his uncle Salvatore, who passed down his secrets in creating a light, fluffy and easily digestible dough. Antonino’s pizzas speak of the region, with fresh ingredients and enhanced flavours that result in high quality. One of the best parts? if you’re a high crust lover then you will fall in love with these pizzas. WEBSITE

Bistrot Basilico Italia

In Corso Italia, the Bistrot Basilico Italia is located within a former cinema. There are over twenty oven-baked pizzas on its menu. The star of the menu is the Pesto di Noci di Sorrento created by Maurizio Mastellone, patron of the restaurant: extra virgin olive oil Dop Sorrento Peninsula, provolone del Monaco dei Monti Lattari and Neapolitan basil. WEBSITE


Le Colline di Sorrento

Here you can purchase limoncello and confectionery products based on Sorrento lemons. With on-site tasting. WEBSITE

Bistrot Lievito Madre Iommella

Iommella began as a bakery that produced excellent quality bread and today, expanded into a bistrot which not only produces high quality leavened products (breads, focaccia and pizza) but also a daily proposal of breakfast, lunch, aperitivo and dinner which you can eat on sire as well as take away. WEBSITE

Piemme Sorrento Limoncello

Piemme is a historic, family run business that has been producing limoncello according to ancient recipes for the past fifty years. Here you can purchase limoncello as well as citrus-based liqueurs and the traditional desert babà. WEBSITE

Melany Head Shop Merletti

This shop is located in the heart of Sorrento. Here you’ll find an array of inlays and lace from clothing to tableware to purchase, as well as the sale of Neapolitan haute couture clothes. WEBSITE

Sorrento è

If you’re looking hand-painted Vietri and Sorrento ceramics then at Sorrento è you will find a world of aritianal products to take home as a souvenir or gift for your family and friends. WEBSITE


Cantina De Angelis

If you’re looking to do some wine tasting during your trip to Sorrento then head to Cantina de Angelis. You’ll embark on a tour in which the history of the cellar and their process of wine making is explained followed by a tasting of five our seven of their labels accompanied by a cured meat and cheese platter. You can also purchase the wines at their shop. WEBSITE

where to Sleep

Hotel Parco dei Prinicpi

Parco dei Principi

The Parco dei Principi in Sorrento is immersed in the greenery of a botanical garden which coexists harmoniously with its modern design. The hotel is the first in the world to be designed by the famous Milanese architect Gio Ponti who, through his eclectic vision, merged classicism and modernity, tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and industry within the walls and furnishings. The entire hotel is declined according to the white-blue chromatic alternation which becomes the unifying motif of every single detail. An exceptional outdoor pool and terrace that overlook the Tyrrhenian. WEBSITE

La Minervetta

La Minervetta Sorrento

La Minervetta is a special place, lazing about on the terrace and enjoying the view. It’s one of those places that seduces you and surprises you for the very personal taste with which it was created. The hotel overlooks the gulf of Sorrento, clinging to the cliff that towers over the Tyrrhenian. The furnishings of both rooms and common areas skilfully mix ancient, modern, modern antiques and Vietri ceramics that recall the color of the sea and the Mediterranean. WEBSITE

Marina Piccola 73

Marina Piccola 73 is a small boutique hotel perched above the sea overlooking the bay of Naples. It’s housed within a historical, 19th century building that been meticulously renovated with an elegant approach, whilst maintaining classic, period furnishings. Each room is unique, perhaps described as eclectic, with different (and bright) coloured walls and tiles; the deluxe rooms house a balcony whilst the superior, a large terrace perfect for a reading a book and taking in the surroundings. Breakfast is served on the rooftop terrace, with an abundant selection of local pastries and savoury options. WEBSITE

Relais Correale 

Located in the center of Sorrento, Relais Correale is a simple, welcoming place and perfect for those on a budget. It offers finely furnished rooms an enchanting citrus grove, home to their restaurant La Limonaia where you can enjoy traditional cuisine with products grown from their vegetable garden. Grilled mozzarella in a lemon leaf or ravioli with lemon are to be tasted. WEBSITE

Relais Blu 

Situated on the doors of Sorrento in Massa Lubrense, Relais Blu is a Mediterranean style villa infused with elegance. A place from where sea and sky blend as one, and beautiful sunsets can be viewed from the infinity pool, gourmet restaurant and spacious terrace over a cocktail. Each room features large windows or a small balcony from where you can enjoy the daily scene of the coastline. WEBSITE

Relais Regina Giovanna

Relais Regina Giovanna

A charming Relais immersed among lemon and olive trees with sensational views out at sea. There are twelve refined rooms and a private beach where you can spend the day under the warm sunshine in complete seclusion. Lunches and dinners are served with a farm-to-table approach to cuisine. WEBSITE

Massa Lubrense

Beach club

Maya Beach Experience

As soon as you enter the Maya Beach Experience you feel transported into a place where beauty, elegance and creativity reign. From the raffia furniture to the pool that overlooks the sea, Maya is the perfect location if you want to live the Sorrento coast in a contemporary Dolce Vita atmosphere. This beach club offers a beautiful sunset aperitif and a restaurant that wants to emphasise the importance of local ingredients, that in this case are made personally by the chef on their farm. WEBSITE

Gocce di Capri

Gocce di Capri is a residence hotel located on the Sorrento Coast that offers its guests a Mediterranean experience. Here you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the coast from the private balconies of the refined rooms and apartments or relax in the luxurious junior suites with a beautiful garden. To get even more immersed in the Mediterranean lifestyle, try Gocce Bar & Restaurant, which will pay homage to the traditional Southern Italian cuisine enriched by contemporary flavours. WEBSITE

Recommone Massa Lubrense

Located in the small town of Massa Lubrense we find the bathing establishment Recommone. This is the perfect location to enjoy the sun while dipping in the deep azure water of the Tyrrhenian Sea and being surrounded by the rocky beach. At Recommone you can also carry out several aquatic activities such as renting a canoe or a pedal boat to explore the natural beauties that surround the beach, or even relax in the restaurant and bar. 

Where to Eat

Don Alfonso, Massa Lubrense

Located in Massa Lubrense we find Don Alfonso, a restaurant that since 1890 has been respecting the culture and tradition of the ingredients coming from Campania. Gained from a Neapolitan palace of the 19th century, the design of the restaurant decided to favour bright colours such as lilac, yellow and orange to enhance the natural light of the Mediterranean, transporting its guests in a Southern Italy atmosphere. You can also sleep in the charming rooms as well as embarking on an exciting cooking class experience. This address however will remain closed until March 2024.  WEBSITE

Italy – Campania


Where to eat

Mariagrazia, Nerano

Adjacent to the sea in the bay of Nerano, Maria Grazia is a special place that withholds a century-long recipe that created one of the most exquisite pasta. The restaurant was founded in 1901 by Maria Grazia, inventor of the famous spaghetti alla Nerano. Here you will have the chance to taste a traditional cuisine made with genuine ingredients coming from the territory. WEBSITE

Lo Scoglio da Tommaso, Nerano

Tommaso allo Scoglio is run by the De Simone family for three generations. Here, you’ll savour delicious dishes that accentuate the traditional culinary recipes of the region, using fresh catch of the day and ingredients coming directly from their family farm. The ambiance is romantic, so make sure you come and catch the sunset pre dinner. WEBSITE

Where to Sleep

Conca del Sogno (con camere), Nerano

The blue and white colour palettes meet at the Conca dei Sogni to produce a fully Mediterranean atmosphere. An exclusive oasis surrounded by the peace and tranquility of the natural materials that make the rooms and suites the perfect location for a relaxing vacation. From the Standard to the Superior rooms all of them have stunning private terraces that overlook the enchanting bay offering a romantic view. The Conca dei Sogni Hotel also has a charming beach club surrounded by uncontaminated natural landscape and all the comforts and tranquility of a resort. WEBSITE

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