Polpo Semplicemente Pesce opens in Milan

22 October 2023
Written by
Teresa Cremona

A new spot for seafood lovers in the city

Chef Viviana Varese opens Polpo Semplicemente Pesce, a bar trattoria where excellent ingredients blend with simplicity and cheerfulness. Casual yet high attention to detail; it was born to offer a sincere gastronomic proposal for seafood lovers (and non).

A dynamic space dedicated to those who appreciate authentic cuisine and the pleasure of conviviality, it is divided between a bar and a trattoria with a menu of fish-based dishes that respect and enhance the raw materials.

This project fits into the Milanese culinary landscape and allows you to experience quality in a relaxed environment, open to everyone, and especially catering to the younger generation eager to enjoy excellent seafood paired with a good glass of wine.

Polpo takes the place of Spica, the fusion cuisine project that Michelin-starred chef Viviana Varese had embarked upon with her partner, Indian chef Ritu Dalmia, in 2019. Today, this project has evolved into a modern bar trattoria well integrated into one of Milan’s most popular and vibrant streets. In the kitchen, you’ll find Valentina Gaeta, while the service is handled by Davide Gianni, Valeria Lorusso, and Martina Guercia.”

Discover Polpo Semplicemente Pesce

The team at Polpo Pesce

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