of the best pasta spots in rome

23 January 2023
Written by Lucrezia Worthington

Roman cuisine is renowned for its simplicity, renowned as ‘poor cuisine’, and traditionally it was made up of dishes cooked with entrails which today add that special taste. How many traditional Roman dishes can you name? Amatriciana, Carbonara, Cacio e Pepe, Coda alla Vaccinara, Carciofo alla Romana, Rigatoni alla Pajata, Trippa, Saltimbocca alla Romana is to name a few. No days would be enough to try each and every dish (it’s a challenge, we dare you), but during your trip to Rome we can help you tick off a few. Here we have narrowed down our favourite restaurants where you’ll find authentic cuisine, excellent house wine and an honest bill at the end of it.

where to eat pasta in Rome
Trattoria Settimio, Roma



As the name would suggest, Bucatini all’Amatriciana is perhaps the ‘piatto forte’ of this old-world trattoria. Located in the historic quarter of Rome, Matricianella has been cooking authentic, roman cuisine since 1957. As they like to say, Italian “Cuisine is like becoming children again, rediscovering childhood tastes and smells, simple sauces and unique flavours of grandmothers and mothers’ dishes.” – so if you’re searching for that true, nonna’s touch, you may want to book this restaurant on your next trip to the city. WEBSITE


Da Enzo al 29

Let’s begin with saying that this restaurant doesn’t accept bookings and you may find a queue during peak days, however this only suggests one thing: the restaurant is stellar. As far as traditional cuisine goes, da Enzo al 29 ticks all the boxes: excellent house wine, glorious food and pretty big portions – not to mention the classic, chequered table cloths. WEBSITE


La Matriciana dal 1870

The original “amatriciana” was born in Amatrice. And it was just from this village in the Northern part of the Lazio region that back in 1870, a very brave woman left. She arrived with her bundle – “mappatella” in Italian – near the old Termini Station in Rome. And there the woman started to prepare, with very poor means, the renowned “bucatini all’amatriciana”. Due to the success she had, the restaurant grew and was named La Matriciana due to a mispronunciation of the Roman dialect. Today it’s owned and run by the Crisciotti family who have maintained the the original structure what a few more additions to the menu. But of course, the Bucatini all’Amatriciana is a must try! WEBSITE

Da Enzo
Cacio e Pepe Da Enzo al 29. Ph. Credits James Thompson


Osteria da Fortunata

Osteria da Fortunata is the kind of place you walk past and see a woman dressed in an apron hand making fresh egg pasta by the window. Here, Scialatelli pasta is the must, which you can combine to your preferred sauce. From Coda alla Vaccinara (ox-tail) to Carbonara, Cacio e Pepe, Amatriciana, Gricia… and to end your meal in ‘bellezza’ as we say, try the tiramisù – absolutely wonderful. WEBSITE


Da Emilio

If you’re looking for somewhere to try a great Gricia then look no further: Da Emilio proposes simple yet authentic dishes and offers a great quality/price rapport. WEBSITE


Hosteria da Settimio

Located near the Gianicolo, Hostaria da Settimio is your classic neighbourhood trattoria with traditional roman dishes on the menu. Bruschettine with lard and carciofo alla giudia are to name a few of the antipasti on the menu. Continue with you favourite choice of primo or maybe try the cotoletta, known to be delicious. If you still have space, order the tiramisù – a classic and after lunch? take a walk around the Gianicolo park, over to the best views in Rome. WEBSITE



Rocco ristorante is a less renowned trattoria situated in the Monti district, not far from St. Peters and the Vatican. Amongst the many traditional dishes, try the carciofo alla romana (when in season), puntarelle (when in season), meatballs, lasagna and, of course, their primo: spaghettoni alla carbonara, where the egg is the perfect amount of runny. WEBSITE


Lo Scopettaro

Lo Scopettaro is one of the oldest and most famous trattorias in Rome but still maintains its quality despite the numerous tables they serve each and every day. Although the cuisine is simple, the ingredients have always been specially selected from high quality local produces. Expect a great carbonara, amatriciana, cacio e pepe and coda alla vaccinara because as they say “the secret of good cooking is found in the heart and not in the head…”. WEBSITE

Where to eat in Rome
Rocco Ristorante. Ph. Credits James Thompson
Lo Scopettaro


felice a testaccio

Felice a Testaccio is a historical restaurant that today has expanded but the original location is right here, in the Testaccio district of Rome. Felice opened his restaurant in 1936, and today it is his son Franco who runs the business and who has added a slight contemporary touch – yet the cuisine remains up to the same hearty standard as in the past. Here, the cacio e pepe is renowned, and each meal is prepared with meticulous attention to raw ingredients. WEBSITE

Credits Felice a Testaccio


trattoria lilli

Trattoria Lilli is a modest, family run eatery located just across Castel Sant’Angelo. The restaurant in itself is very simple – what you would expect from your typical roman trattoria and the cuisine is just as simple yet bursting with flavour – the amatriciana and gricia are exquisite. WEBSITE


armando al pantheon

Located behind The Pantheon, Armando al Pantheon is another icon of the city. Opened since 1961 by the Gargioli family, this restaurant has been serving one of the best carbonaras in the city. The family still runs the restaurant adding a pleasant ‘host’ situation in which the restaurant is their home and they welcome you with open arms, and their cuisine remains true to the roots: traditional, hearty and filled with flavour. WEBSITE

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