Maison la Minervetta

23 October 2023
Written by
Teresa Cremona

A charming guesthouse on the Gulf of Sorrento

La Minervetta is a special place; lounging on its terrace and enjoying the view means savouring beauty and feeling among the privileged. The hotel overlooks the Gulf of Sorrento, clinging to the cliff below that seeps down towards the sea.

You take an elevator to reach the reception, and as the doors open, you are taken by surprise by the flow of the spaces; not hotel rooms but lounges with windows that open onto the terrace, both inside and outside, the colours, shapes, and objects. Furnishings that skilfully blend the old, the contemporary, and the vintage; Vietri ceramics that evoke the colours of the sea and the Mediterranean. Objects, many and diverse, all with exquisite taste. The taste that jumps the boundaries between combinations and contrasts is that of Marco De Luca, the owner, who says: “Built in the 1950s by my grandparents, La Minervetta was initially a restaurant. Then came a period of decline. Nine years ago, I wanted to restore it to my taste, finding spaces for my collections, family furniture, art objects, and my books. I personally designed some of the furniture. I mixed current and vintage design with the materials and colours of the South. Majolica and collections of Vietri and Sottsass ceramics. Even today, I continue to buy objects from around the world, thinking of La Minervetta.”

The bedrooms have the same style as the common areas, they are colourful, cheerful, each with their own personality; the kind of rooms you would find in a home for the quality of fabrics, linens, and details. Some have windows that occupy enormous surfaces, and it’s like being suspended over the sea, bathed in light.

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