Lake Garda from above

28 December 2023
Written by
Germana Cabrelle

Embark on the ultimate hike

In the enchanting realm of Lake Garda, glimpses reminiscent of the Amalfi Coast and echoes of the Cinque Terre beckon the discerning traveler. Nestled along its rugged shores, picturesque villages and the panoramic vistas of its undulating terrain provide captivating perspectives.

Embarking on a journey to explore this condensed essence of Italy within the geography of Lake Garda is a delightful endeavour. Whether strolling along the lakeside promenade or trekking the high-altitude paths, these day-long itineraries unveil the splendeurs of one of Italy’s most exquisite locales, boasting unparalleled wonders.

Throughout the seasons, Lake Garda exudes a romantic allure, adorned with natural havens interspersed with olive groves, beaches, and bays. Lakeside-view restaurants, terraced gardens, and historic villas contribute to the enchanting  beauty. A notable route, starting from Garda and traversing Punta San Vigilio before ascending Monte Luppia, a hill just over 400 meters high, offers a mesmerizing journey with glimpses of ancient rock engravings.

Natural slates pave the way along this panoramic route, leading to the Stone of Griselle, a historical tableau akin to the pages of a history book. Over the ages, shepherds, metal prospectors, and pilgrims have carved symbols and images into its surface. Discovered by Professor Mario Casotti in the 1960s, who uncovered older carvings beneath relatively recent ones from the 1800s, these figures were crafted using harder stones such as serpentinite or quartzite, employing the hammering technique.

Continuing through woodlands and olive groves, the journey culminates at the summit of Monte Luppia, boasting a splendid viewpoint that unveils a spectacular panorama of the lake below. On the return journey along the same path, a recommended stopover at Punta San Vigilio, with its charming harbor and ancient cypress trees, beckons exploration. The path leads to the 16th-century villa of the Guarienti Counts of Brenzone, a destination graced by illustrious guests like Napoleon, Tsar Alexander II, Winston Churchill, Laurence Olivier, King Charles III, and Juan Carlos of Bourbon.

Nature, art, and sport converge in the captivating realm of Garda and its lake, offering a harmonious blend of cultural richness and natural beauty.

Get organised

The experts at Dolomite Mountains, a specialised tour operator for outdoor vacations in contact with nature in the Dolomites, Lake Garda, and Sardinia, possess an intimate knowledge of these places. They guide visitors to the finest Bardolino wine cellars, bakeries producing the typical San Vigilini biscuits, and traditional restaurants on charming squares with embarkation points. The goal is to savour genuine products, engage with the locals, and partake in healthy outdoor activities. The trail from Garda to Monte Luppia is a panoramic loop lasting a few hours, immersed in the colours of the lake and the changing vegetation from the coast to the peaks standing sentinel behind. On this side, you’ll encounter some breathtaking viewpoints and, notably, intriguing graffiti on polished limestone slabs.

Duration: 4 hours

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