Il Pane di Matera

2 June 2023
Written by
Teresa Cremona

A world renowned delicacy

A unique shape, strong consistency and unbeatable flavour: it is the bread of Matera. Because, it must be said, among the many qualities of excellent bread that Italy produces, that of Matera certainly deserves an honourable mention. It is the symbol of the City of Stones, perfectly summing up the products that Basilicata offers: from the purity of spring water to the quality of Lucanian wheat up to the ancient cooking methods which gives the crunchiness of the crust leaving the inside soft and fluffy. From the same mastery come other baked products, such as taralli and focaccia with tomatoes (like the one from Puglia) that can be bought and eaten whilst walking through the streets of the city centre.

Where to buy the best pane in Matera?


If you only have time for a quick snack, you must try the focaccia from Panificio Perrone. The products of this bakery are those of the Matera tradition: the bread, taralli, biscuits and friselle; and they only use selected raw materials from the short supply chain from fine Lucanian cultivations. WEBSITE


If you walk down Matera’s main street, let the smells guide you and you will find this small bakery very popular, even among the locals, for its superlative pizzas and focaccias with tomato, courgette or potato. Bread, biscuits and taralli are also good. 

Pane di Matera in the oven

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