Hospitality Embodied: Villa Passalacqua Claims the Crown

21 September 2023
Written by
Sara Magro

The World's 50 Best Hotels is revealed

«In the world of hospitality, it’s an alchemy of artistry, love, and nurturing relationships that culminates in the sublime guest experience». These sentiments ring true in the words of Valentina De Santis, uttered in response to Villa Passalacqua’s triumph at the inaugural edition of The World’s 50 Best Hotels. Nestled on the picturesque shores of Lake Como, this timeless haven has ascended to the pinnacle of luxury, earning the prestigious title of the world’s finest hotel.

When they acquired this sprawling villa, gracefully cascading towards the lake’s edge with its magnificent terraced gardens, the visionaries behind Villa Passalacqua aimed to craft an establishment distinct from the plethora that dot the region. Serendipitously, the pandemic, which arrived amidst the meticulous restoration efforts, bestowed upon them the gift of time. It offered a canvas for reflection on their unique concept, a canvass on which they could meticulously research solutions, materials, furnishings, and suppliers.

Their quest was to weave a delicate “toile de jouy” motif inspired by the shimmering lake itself, seamlessly threading through the hotel’s design. It led to the creation of the opulent brass chandelier gracing the dining hall and the exquisite Fortuny lamps adorning one wing of the hotel.

However, the essence of their endeavour transcends aesthetics. Villa Passalacqua was conceived as a haven where the aura of a private home harmoniously coexists with the hallmark services found in the world’s most refined hotels.

It’s worth noting that Italy, as a whole, achieved remarkable success in this maiden edition of The 50 Best Hotels, with its establishments comprising more than half of the coveted list.

Four Seasons Florence, ranked #9
Aman Venice, ranked #14
Le Sirenuse, ranked #20
Borgo Egnazia, ranked #21

Villa Passalacqua by Enrico Costantini
Villa Passalacqua by Enrico Costantini

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