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7 July 2023
Written by The Italy Insider
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Nestled just over an hour away from Milan, the Gavi landscapes become the ultimate place to infuse your mind with nature and tranquility. Landscapes that may seem like those of Chianti but with less cypress trees and a little more excitement in experiencing the less traveled road.

Rolling vineyards in Gavi Ph. Credits C. Dutton

Where To Sleep

Locanda La Raia 

Locanda La Raia is a place where visitors can escape for the night or a week and unleash that inner need for slow living and wellbeing. Enjoy a breakfast on the lawn with wild rabbits hopping around and spend the day by the swimming pool which leads you directly to the spa and, as you retreat to the well-designed rooms, make a pitstop in the spacious lounge as you enjoy a glass of Gavi overlooking the landscapes. 

Locanda la Raia

Where to Eat

Il Ristorante di Locanda La Raia 

A dish at Il Ristorante La Raia. Ph. Credits Bassanelli

The restaurant is a testimony to the traditional cuisine of Gavi, in which flavors from Piedmont and Liguria are harmoniously integrated. The menu is signed by Chef Tommaso Arrigoni, who seeks to retain this tradition alongside the use of seasonal ingredients grown at La Raia’s farm. You can choose one of the tasting menus or order a-la-carte, either way, a delicious bread basket is served before every meal. A stand out starter is the Pea Cappuccino, served hot and frothy like a cappuccino as well as the Risotto with broad beans, peas, Montebore cheese and Jamaica’s pepper. The deserts are not to be overlooked! 

What to see

Museo del divisionismo a Tortona 

Museo del Divisionismo. Ph. Courtesy of La Raia

The Divisionism Museum in Tortona was founded in 1999 when the foundation acquired a selection of works coming from the Cassa di Risparmio of Tortona. From there on the idea of increasing the artistic heritage of the collection, that up until then was favouring local artists. From 2001 the Pinacoteca opened its doors and in some years the ‘Il Divisionismo’ was finally born. ‘Il Divisionismo’ is a permanent exhibition that aims to document a specific artistic period through a variety of different pictorial languages. WEBSITE


Located on the southern part of Serravalle Scrivia we find Libarna, an archeological site that still today maintains its strategic position, as it did in the imperial age when it was located on via Postumia, a crucial commercial space. Liberna was originally an important village that was at the center of the economical scenery of the Roman Empire. However due to invasions the city was abandoned in 452 bc. Today you can still visit the archaeological sites and the ruins of the city and scout essential remains from the past empire. WEBSITE

What to do

Wine Tasting at La Raia

La Raia winery. Ph. Credits Maurizio Milanesio

The Winery and its 48 hectares of vineyards produce six wines – three of which are Gavi, two Barbera and one Passito (launched very recently). The Rossi Cairo family pay meticulous attention to biodynamic principles in farming and wine making, finding ways to enhance and preserve their ecosystem.  The cellar was in fact built with a rammed clay wall, a technique developed by Austrian artist and architect Martin Rauch in order to reduce its impact on the landscape. Visits to the winery and tastings are open both to the guests of Locanda la Raia and the public, upon reservation. Guests can also book a visit at Tenuta Cucco, the second winery of the family located in the Langhe, home to the great Crus. 

Take an art-centered stroll

Nel Paesaggio of Remi Salvadori

With the Art Foundation, launched in 2017, the estate of La Raia has become an open air museum, a mosaic of art beautifully integrated in the surroundings. Artists translate their critical perspective of this destination into artworks, which are intrinsically located throughout the estate and can be reached through an interactive map. Each piece features a QR code which explains the vision and creative process of the artists which, at time point in time, counts seven.


Request for a picnic to enjoy at any point of the estate. In the morning the Chef will prepare a backpack filled with a blanket, plates, glasses, cutlery and plastic free boxes that contain salads, cured meats, cheeses, breadsticks, fresh fruits and a desert – of course accompanied by a bottle of wine. Embark on an adventure and choose a spot that calls to you. 

For the adventure seekers

Locanda La Raia organises a variety of adventurous experiences to explore the neighboring valleys including a guided bicycle tour along the roads loved by champions such as Fausto Coppi and Costante Girardengo. There is also the possibility to request a tailored gastronomic tour or naturalistic tour according to your interests.  

Explore the SPA

Spa at Locanda la Raia. Ph. Credits Pomini

Locanda La Raia houses an intimate SPA that connects the indoors with the outdoors via the heated swimming pool. There’s a sauna and Turkish bath as well as a SPA Cabin and relaxation room with Himalayan pink salt walls. 

Trekking in Val Borbera with natural spring waters

Located twenty minutes from La Raia by car you’ll reach Val Borbera. Here you can take a hike around the valley and take a dip in the natural, spring waters.  

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