From country stazzi to charming hotels

22 September 2023
Written by
Sara Magro

Private dwellings become home to luxurious hotels

The typical Gallura country house also has The Mute of Gallura, the film inspired by the homonymous novel that tells the story of the legendary 19th-century bandit Bastiano Tansu to thank for currently being in the public eye. Back in the day, there were about 1,600 stazzi – a word deriving from the Latin «statio» meaning station, resting place , but in recent years, many of these historic dwellings, around which rural life and a self-sufficient economic and social system had gravitated since the 18th century, have become key to a sort of renaissance through their transformation from the private dwellings of farmers, shepherds and ranchers into charming hotels. The Stazzo Lu Ciaccaru, not far from Arzachena, the Cascioni Eco Retreat, which stands on hill overlooking the Bay of Cannigione Renovations and the Gallura sea, and Gallicantu, a 1930s stazzo in Luogosanto, are just some of the best examples of this new form of hospitality originating from this change in the use of stazzi in the north-east of Sardinia. Structures that, while just as comfortable, offer a more genuine and homely welcome than any large resort. Not to mention, magical. Aided by the breathtaking landscape in which they are set. 

Courtesy Eco Cascioni Retreat

Managed by families who have inherited the property or by entrepreneurs who are passionate about their history, stazzi are experiencing a second life. Their few rooms are ideal for guests seeking an intimate and quiet holiday far from the glamour and spotlights of the fashionable places favoured by VIPs but equally close to the splendid crystal-clear waters of the Gallura sea. Each stazzo has its own history and peculiarities and interprets the concept of hospitality with its own particular character to the enormous benefit of those who decide to stav there. Patrons can thus enjoy a variety of services and experiences in contact with nature and the local communities of an area that still has much to reveal and which aims to attract travellers all year around. 

Renovations enhance architecture while maintaining a connection with the territory thanks to the use of local materials and collaborations with artisans. The rooms are equipped with every comfort and modern spas, swimming pools, restaurants offering traditional and gourmet  cuisine, caves for tastings and wine cellars with vineyards are all additional facilities. In keeping with the history and dream that this corner of Sardinia continues to represent.

Living room at Gallicantu
Courtesy Lu Ciaccaru

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