reasons to visit Val Sarentino all year round

22 January 2024
Written by Chiara Todesco

Embark on a picturesque journey through the enchanting Val Sarentino, nestled in the heart of South Tyrol. From Bolzano, a road winds gracefully along the plateau, weaving between verdant forests and charming villages, with majestic peaks framing the serene landscape. Once a rugged, unpaved trail crossing a porphyry gorge, this idyllic valley became a coveted summer retreat for the bourgeois families of Bolzano in the summer of 1534. Today, Val Sarentino remains a year-round haven, offering five compelling reasons to explore its timeless allure.

Val Sarentino


Nature’s Playground for Active Pursuits

Val Sarentino beckons outdoor enthusiasts with a plethora of activities amid nature’s embrace. Whether skiing down the slopes of San Martino/Reinswald or partaking in Nordic skiing along the scenic Plennes Valley, the valley unfolds as a canvas for adventure. Thrill-seekers can relish tobogganing on a natural 4-kilometre run or experience the allure of ice skating on the frozen Valdurna lake. The Getrumalm in Reinswald and the Sattele viewing platform offer captivating hiking experiences with breathtaking vistas.


A Tapestry of Ancient Traditions

The locals proudly don traditional attire, reminiscent of English lords, making it one of the few areas in South Tyrol to maintain this unique style. Village festivals, such as the Klöckeln, showcase customs like door-to-door visits by costumed characters during Advent, bringing with them typical sweets and drinks. Embark on the Via delle Saghe, a themed trail delving into sagas and traditions, connecting the Wippinger farm to the Durr Alp.


Artistry in Handicrafts

Val Sarentino unveils a treasure trove of craftsmanship in wood, leather, and textiles. The Rohrerhaus, a restored farmhouse turned museum, offers a glimpse into the region’s farming heritage. Visit the Drechslerei Fritz workshop to witness century-old turning techniques or explore the art of sculpting at Isak Runggaldier’s workshop. Sarner Gschick, a collective of five local artisans, upholds the valley’s centuries-old craftsmanship, ensuring the authenticity and history of their products.


Culinary Delights in the Valley

Savour the rich local cuisine, where recipes from great-grandmothers meld with local ingredients and innovative culinary expressions. From the traditional Striezel, a rye flour bread, to the gastronomic wonders at Michelin-starred restaurants like Terra The Magic Place and La Fuga (Laboratory for Future Gastronomy), indulge in dishes like rainbow trout marinated in elderflower or liquid gnocchi with mountain cheese and dried porcini foam, showcasing the region’s gastronomic prowess.


Regeneration with Mountain Pine

We are in the valley of the dwarf pine and we must take advantage of it: only here in Val Sarentino, between 1800 and 2400 metres, can such an extensive area of wild dwarf pine be found. Its benefits are many. Pinus Sarentensis is an ancient natural remedy: it gives vigour, tone and energy to the body but also to the mind, it activates circulation and regenerative processes in the skin. It can also be found distilled for massage and beauty treatments.

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