Easter 2023: where to travel to for a weekend trip

13 April 2022
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The Italy Insider

The new norm is unconventional travel. Discovering new, lesser known places escaping the crowds. Especially over Easter Weekend when people are so eager to travel. Instead of visiting Rome, head to Tivoli. Ciao ciao Venice, hello Chioggia. Rather than visiting Lake Como what about Lago Maggiore?These are all places that are equally as mesmerising and also carry a lot of historical and cultural importance. So to celebrate Easter, here are seven destinations in Italy you should visit for an unconventional, quieter experience.

Tivoli, lazio

Tivoli via. Getty images

Imagine a beautifully preserved village from the antiquity period, just a stone thrown’s away from beautiful historic villas adorned with exclusive gardens filled with roses and Renaissance fountains, of which Villa Adriana and Villa d’Este are great instances. All of this and much more can be experienced in the town of Tivoli (Latin Tibur), about 30 km east of Rome. It sits on the eastern slopes of the charming Sabine Hills, outlined by olive groves and vineyards and with incredibly interesting gastronomic delights.


EAT: La Fornarina

SLEEP: Maalot

Martina Franca, puglia

Martina Franca
Martina Franca

Just a domed trullo house away from the better known neighbouring Alberobello and Locorotondo is nestled Martina Franca, the largest of the Valle D’Itria villages. The town was a walled fortress and the commercial centre of the area until the reunification of Italy in 1861; Nowadays, Martina Franca preserves its beauty and history through fine buildings, palazzos and the four Renaissance and Baroque gates that delineate yet perfectly blend the old town and the more modern 29th century area. A hidden world of picturesque alleys and tasteful capocollo, the traditional cured ham that is the pure joy of locals.


Lago Maggiore, lombardia

Lago Maggiore
Lago Maggiore. Ph. Fabio Fistarol

The Italian Lakes are such a classic, centuries-old hideaway for all lavish lifestyle enthusiasts. Curious visitors from all over the world love to to wander the pretty town alleys, visit the magnificent interiors of historic villas and bob about on boats. Among all Northern lakes, Maggiore surprises its visitors with a peaceful atmosphere and a smattering of refined and impressive sceneries, along with secluded island routes and sumptuous hotels commanding wonderful panoramic views of the lake islands.


EAT & SLEEP: Villa Aminta

Pesaro, marche

In the secret slice of Eastern Italy called Marche thrives Pesaro, a lesser known, traditional seaside location overlooking the Adriatic shores. The sea-front is just a short walk away from the historic centre: we recommend just to follow your nose and soak up the atmosphere, strolling around freely and stopping off, perhaps, for some refreshments before heading to the golden beaches.


Chioggia, veneto


Next time you visit the Venetian lagoon, make sure to add this little hidden gem to your travel list. Chioggia is surely one of the best-kept secrets of Venice surroundings, a land of picturesque canals, a beautiful towering campanile which is the pride of the village and pristine seafood that comes directly from the daily fish market (that has no reason to envy La Serenissima’s Rialto). Connected to the mainland by only two bridges, Chioggia is an exquisite fishermen town rich in history and gastronomic surprises.


Procida, campania


Settled in the Bay of Naples and often overshadowed by the sister islands of Ischia and Capri, Procida is a cluster of traditional pink, yellow, orange, red and blue buildings along the seaside promenade, cafe-lined marinas and al frescoes spots. A inner beauty that never fails to amaze its lucky holidaymakers, so much that it was named Italy’s Capital of Culture for 2022: the perfect excuse to enjoy first-class seafood, black sand beaches and a maze of tiny winding streets.


Sila, calabria

Calabria mountains, an oxymoron some would say. As a matter of fact, in the southern part of Italy, the vast plateau of La Sila is nestled between the provinces of Cosenza, Crotone and Catanzaro. It’s a peculiar gourmand land embellished by infinite mountain peaks, plateaus, densely wooded ares and lake views. The ideal destination for those seeking an escape in authentic, southern Italian ‘raw’ nature.


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