Dolce Vita is a timeless journey through Italy

12 June 2024
Written by
Sara Magro

Showcasing the most iconic landscapes of the country

Dear nostalgic friend, we have some exciting news for you: the Dolce Vita is not over; in fact, it’s poised for a grand revival in just a few months. In its new incarnation, it travels leisurely on tracks that span Italy from north to south and coast to coast. Dolce Vita is the name of the trains that will enter service on Italy’s railway lines in spring 2025, connecting some of the country’s most beautiful locations. Imagine the thrill of boarding these gleaming carriages, stepping across the threshold to begin a journey through time before space.

These brand-new trains instantly evoke the atmosphere of the last century, when few could afford air travel and trains were the mainstay, offering hours of scenic vistas: the sea, cities, forests, bridges, tunnels, and the sky—a poetic portrait now revisited in a sustainable, meditative, luxury version. It’s akin to cruises, but on rails. The first six train sets are already prepared, each with 12 Z1 coaches, the same as those used for Intercity trains on long and international routes. With their elegant white and mahogany aviation livery, they evoke the 1960s and 1970s, reflected in the retro interiors featuring shiny surfaces and optical patterns. The 31 cabins come equipped with armchairs, a coffee table, and a private bathroom with a shower (hallelujah).

The dining car offers a Ginori mise en place, an Italian menu, and live music. The living area, inspired by Star Trek, features photo books of the Dolce Vita era, including Fellini’s Rome with Anita Ekberg and Marcello Mastroianni in love at the Trevi Fountain.

In Rome, at the end of 2024, a lounge will open to welcome guests with bubbly and other comforts while waiting for departure. By 2025, the first two Orient Express Hotels, La Minerva in Rome and Palazzo Donà Giovannelli in Venice, will open as terminus points for the basic itineraries. The train whistle, accompanied by a liveried attendant on the platform, will herald the first journey in April next year. Tickets are already on sale here.

Destinations range from one to three nights, covering a total of 16,000 kilometres of rail lines, showcasing Italy from the iconic landscapes between Venice and Siena to the Italian Trans-Siberian route that travels from Rome to Matera and the Maiella National Park. Other destinations include Portofino, Montalcino, Monferrato, and Sicily, with Palermo as the last station. In 2026, routes will also extend to Paris, Istanbul, and Split. Each stop offers unique experiences with fine wines, white truffles, cooking classes, and cultural visits.

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