Casa Fantini, Lago d’Orta

3 June 2022
Written by
Lucrezia Worthington

A slow, lake experience

Loren Eiseley once said “if there’s magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” And there are many reasons as to why water is the primary source to wellness; the sound of the waves, the splash of raindrops, the utterly freezing yet pleasant temperature of the river, the calming slow of the lake. Elements that invite a sense of ease, familiarity. And this calmness is felt at Casa Fantini where Daniela Fantini created her concept around “Lake Time”. She chose her birthplace, her home, a place already deeply rooted to her family business: in the small village of Pella along the shores of Lake Orta.

One of the things you note immediately is the sleek architecture and contemporary design signed by Piero Lissoni, carefully selected to blend in with the slow living concept. The lounge is made up of different living areas allowing guests to feel as though they’re in their own little setting. Here, one can enjoy reading a book, working or drinking an afternoon tea or aperitivo – whichever you’re most in the mood for. Each of the 11 rooms and suites share a similar aesthetic, in a deep blue and white palette facing the lake, with a small terrace to sit and gaze out, watching the little boat making its way to the Isola di San Giorgio and back. With regards to cuisine, Chef Diego Bertona researches each ingredient carefully, using autochthonous, locally available produce in his three tasting menus. His concept is to highlight that even the simplest ingredient can surprise and he does this though giving value to simple, raw materials in all of their different forms. 

When sleeping at Casa Fantini, it’s highly recommended to take a tour around the Isola di San Giorgio and Orta San Giulio with a guide who will explain not only the ins and outs but also take you to see the lesser known gems.


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