Italian wineries that are worth the visit

31 July 2023
Written by Gabriele Gorelli

Gabriele Gorelli is the first Master of Wine of Italy and 418th in the world. This is a very prestigious title in the world of Wine, attesting to the high competence of the recipient. Gabriele, who was born in Montalcino and grown up among Brunello vineyards, has chosen the best Italian wineries for tasting unforgettable labels and vintage wines.

Gabriele Gorelli


Pieropan, veneto

“The future has an ancient heart”, a quote inscribed inside this winery that is run by the Pieropan family for 4 generations. Here, among the first in Italy, single vineyards were vinified to enhance the territorial peculiarities of the individual soils of Soave. The new wine cellar is inserted in a natural context of maximum respect, where the contemporary is functional to limit the impact on the surrounding nature. This explains that initial sentence: awareness of the past is needed to better interpret the future. Reference white wines, not only for the denomination but also for the entire Italian market. WEBSITE

Pieropan winery


SanSalvatore 1988, campania

A microcosm at the gates of Paestum. Here is more than just wine. SanSalvatore1988 is the representation of a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle. Biodynamic hillside vineyards next to a buffalo farm overlooking Capri which also produces the energy needed by the cellar. Here the mantra is “many little differences make a difference”. Like ‘La Dispensa di San Salvatore’ its mozzarella, yoghurt and fruit extracts. WEBSITE

Vineyards at SanSalvatore1988


Castello di Gabiano, piemonte

For over 13 centuries, the Castello di Gabiano has watched silently over the placid hills of Monferrato. In the past, this area was a site of sieges and battles and for over 400 years its 20 hectares of vineyards have represented the bulwark of Grignolino, a vine as unique as it is capable of surprising. Hospitality, history, gourmet, all in the palm of your hands. WEBSITE


Ventiventi, emilia

A new wave for Lambrusco, which, as it’s name represents, 2020 is the year of its inauguration. Here tradition and innovation have found a home in an environment with a modern and technological appearance, with a green soul firmly rooted in its local roots. Here, a concept based on four well-established principles: aesthetic beauty, functionality, practicality and respect for the environment. WEBSITE

VentiVenti Winery


Enio Ottaviani, romagna

On the hills behind Riccione, where you can go in search of an evening breeze after a day spent in the sun, you will find a contemporary wine cellar, designed in metal and glass, facing the vineyards. At aperitif this location becomes the ideal meeting place, with a sparkling atmosphere, traditional cuisine and a list of wines from Romagna that are as fun as they are surprising. WEBSITE

Aperitivo at Enio Ottaviani winery


Il Pollenza, marche

The architecture is that of a Bordeaux chateau, surrounded by vineyards of Cabernet, Merlot and Sauvignon. It is the wheat fields in the backdrop that remind you that you are in fact in the Marche countryside. The sweeping landscapes coupled with the sense of aesthetic are the fil rouge that will accompany you on a visit of undoubted elegance. WEBSITE

Il Pollenza Vineyards


Gianfranco Fino, puglia

The white stone, typical Apulian Chianca, contrasts with the deep red earth from which vineyards and recovered sapling vines emerge. And this contrast continues between the modern and functional architecture of the exterior and the intersected vaulted ceilings of the interior. Elegance and class, in this iconic winery of the Negramaro and Primitivo di Puglia grapes, which offers a complete experience with five suites and a restaurant that enhances local products by experimenting in research and technique. WEBSITE

Bottaia Gianfranco Fino


Vigne Surrau, sardegna

Fifty hectares of vineyards in Gallura – home of Vermentino – form the backdrop to a modern and functional cellar, where local stone and wood dominate to create a connection with the surrounding territory, as do the large windows that blend construction with nature. Here art, culture, wine and food come together in a complete itinerary in which Sardinia showcases its most modern and creative nature. WEBSITE

Vigne Surrau


Donnafugata ben ryé, Sicilia

A magical corner of the volcanic island of Pantelleria where nothing is taken for granted and where attention to detail becomes essential. “Giardini Panteschi” aka traditional stone walls protect orange trees and ancient sapling-trained vines from the strong winds. In this unique place the most iconic Italian sweet wine is born, Ben ryé, the ‘son of the wind’. WEBSITE

Donnafugata Winery in Pantelleria. Ph. Credits Fabio Gambina


Cantina del Bruciato – Antinori, toscana

A modular shell, built with perforated panels that act as heat dissipating elements and shielding from sunlight, is set among Mediterranean scrub dunes to create a harmonious contrast. Undoubtedly a futuristic project which even called into question the Vitruvian principles for its conception. If that weren’t enough, you can always add a tasting of what are considered the iconic wines of Bolgheri as well as a trip to the gourmet restaurant. WEBSITE

Collecting grapes at Cantina del Bruciato

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