Best pizzerias in Italy: editors picks

11 January 2023
Written by The Italy Insider

Whether you prefer a Neapolitan ‘cornice’, high crust or a Roman thin crust pizza, our editors have rounded up ten of the best Pizzerie in Italy from North to South to spend the evening with your loved ones over a beer and this world renowned delicacy.


Milano, lombardia

Located in the up and coming district of Porta Venezia in Milan, Giolina is one of those pizzerias you should add to your travel bucket list. The extensive menu combines your classic pizza to more unique varieties according to the creativity of the Chefs. In fact their collaboration with the S. Pellegrino Young Chef Academy brings four new pizzas every year that have won the competition and bring a touch of freshness, as well as support to the academy. Each pizza made at Giolina follows the ancient method of kneading followed by the strict use of seasonal, sourced ingredients by producers of Italian excellence such as Caseificio Barlotti, Salumificio Santoro and Molino Quaglia. WEBSITE

Favourite Pizza: Faustina – Yellow Piennolo del Vesuvio cherry tomato purée, smoked Agerola provola cheese, yellow Piennolo del Vesuvio cherry tomatoes, black pepper.


CONTI, milano,

Corner 58 by Roberto Conti is a new concept in which pizza becomes gourmet in a relaxed and welcoming New York-style environment. Chef Roberto Conti, already a Michelin starred Chef at Trussardi alla Scala, has given life to a new culinary project in which the world renowned leavened product is the star. There are the classics, but above all those dedicated to the Italian culinary tradition in a contemporary, revisited key (Milanese, Parmigiana, Tonnata) and those inspired by the most glamorous places in the Bel Paese (Portofino, Milano). At the table you are greeted with an amuse bouche as if you were in a restaurant and on the menu, as well as pizza, there is no shortage of other refined dishes such as poke bowls, fish tartare, oysters and caviar. WEBSITE

Favourite Pizza: B&B – Tirolese speck Igp, fior di latte, pistacchio di Bronte cream, pistacchio powder and ‘ERA’ extra virgin olive oil.

Best pizza in Italy
Pizza at Corner 58 by Roberto Conti


Milano, Lombardia

Dry is a pioneer pizzeria in Italy, the first to propose the pairing of pizza with a cocktail. A very popular spot in the city, and is now a mecca for those searching for a great leavened product and mixology. The pizzas are signed by the award-winning Lorenzo Sirabella, a young and skilled pizza maker from Ischia, who brings all his knowledge and love for quality products and good food into the dough. Behind the counter, on the other hand, there has recently been Edris Al Malat, who has developed a drink list of twists on the great classics of mixing. WEBSITE

Favourite Pizza: Ventricina – Smoked provola cheese, friarielli, pumpkin cream and ventricina.


milano, lombardia

Modus, in via Maffei 12 is the new pizzeria of Paolo De Simone, a Cilento pizza chef. The name of the new sign? It refers to his way of cooking, eating and conceiving food, in a perfect balance between proteins, carbohydrates, in line with the principles of the Mediterranean Diet. To accompany the pizzas there are cocktails prepared by Antonio Rosato, former Head Bartender of the Mandarin. WEBSITE

Favourite Pizza: 3 Pomodori – Yellow tomatoes, Piennolo tomatoes and dried tomatoes with mozzarella nella mortella.


Brescia, Lombardia

Situated in a historic location dressed with a contemporary concept, Inedito is an unconventional pizzeria opened by Antonio Pappalardo. Throughout his career, he spends a lot of time researching into how to create the perfect balance in order to obtain a light, tasty and digestible dough that is then topped with highly respectable local providers. A lot of research also went into the restaurant itself, maintaining the heritage of the location whilst providing a harmonious, nordic style design. WEBSITE

Favourite Pizza: Parmigiana – Aubergines, mozzarella di bufala, basil, confit tomatoes and grana

Pizza ‘Nduja


I Tigli,
San Bonifacio, Veneto

I Tigli was opened in 1994 by the revolutionary pizza chef Simone Padoan who was one of the first to experiment with the combination of haute cuisine, leavening methods and cooking techniques (all pizzas are made with wholemeal and semi-wholemeal flours with natural leavening). A pioneer who in 1999 offered visitors the possibility to order a ‘tasting menu experience’, creating unique toppings and fillings as well as a menu that changes on a seasonal basis. Exceptional quality with regards to all used ingredients. Ps. the pizza is served in slices. WEBSITE

Favourite Pizza: Burrata e Culatello di Zibello

The best pizza in Italy
I Tigli – La Bufala campana


Pietrasanta, Toscana

Massimo Giovannini makes one of the best pizzas along the Versilia coast, with leavenings and doughs that he has been working on since the beginning of his career in 1994. He opens Apogeo with his wife Barbara in 2008 and together work alongside delivering high quality pizzas in a local, welcoming environment. It all begins from the flour, a specially selected Italian stone-milled soft wheat which is made into a dough that is left to mature and leaven. The ingredients are also carefully selected by local producers. WEBSITE

Favourite Pizza: Burrata e Acciughe – Cherry tomatoes, fiordilatte, burrata stracciatella, anchovies, caper mayo, Pantelleria oregano.


Seu Pizza Illuminati,
roma, lazio

Located in the Trastevere district of Rome, Seu Pizza Illuminati was opened by Pier Daniele Seu, a creative pizzaiolo who began his career at only 20 years old and by 2014 won the award of Emerging Pizza Chef of Lazio. On the menu, multiple varieties of pizza that are served with high crusts and many fried specialties such as potato croquette with provola cheese or spinach and ricotta croquette perfect for sharing . Not to be missed, (you can also order the one slice), is the sweet pizza for desert, made with a caramelised sugar base. WEBSITE

Favourite Pizza: Salsiccia e Broccoletti – Broccoli cooked in garlic, oil and chili, fior di latte and sausage.

Best pizza in Italy
Sweet pizza: caffè Leccese. Ph. Andrea Di Lorenzo


il piccolo buco,
Roma, Lazio

Il Piccolo Buco is a gourmet pizzeria moments away from the Trevi Fountain owned by renowned pizza Chef Luca Issa. As the name suggests (and translates to ‘small hole’) this restaurant is a small space with only a few tables so our advice is to arrive early (and be prepared for a queue). The pizza is not traditional Roman pizza (which usually features thin, crispy crusts). Instead it’s more Neapolitan, with thick, pillowy crusts. In fact, the dough is left to rise for 48 hours, using Mulino Marino flours, organic sea salt from Brittany, and (of course) the water of Rome. This dough is later slipped into a wood oven that is over 100 years old creating the most flavourful pizzas. The spot pays special attention to detail when it comes to the selection of ingredients, picking only fresh and seasonal products to top his pizzas. WEBSITE

Favourite Pizza: Cacio e Pere – Fiordilatte da latte from Caseificio Scarchilli, pecorino di fossa from the consorzio Pecorino di fossa, homemade pear gel and a scent of Matusalem rum

The best pizza in Italy Rome
Pizza at Piccolo Buco



Located in Caiazzo, 30 minutes away from Caserta, Pepe in Grani is a must when visiting the region of Campania. Not only is this region the birth place of this wonderful, round creation but also because Franco Pepe was the first to intercept the pizza trend, transforming a family owned place into a restaurant visited by people all over the world. WEBSITE

Favourite Pizza: Calzone Scarola Riccia – also Franco Pepe’s favourite, curly endive, anchovies from the coast, capers, caiazzone olives and extra virgin olive oil.


I masanielli,
Caserta, Campania

Born in 2001 as a take-away, I Masanielli soon became a reference in the city, thriving with locals and tourists – but not only. In 2022, the pizzeria won the 1st place award of 50 best pizzas in the world. Francesco Martucci is seen as a pioneer in the industry, experimenting and creating pizzas not only with meticulous research in each and every ingredient but with a creative flair of revisiting the great classics. He is also the first to ‘triple cook’ his dough, creating a perfect balance between soft and crunchy. Francesco’s pizzas also boast an aesthetic composition where it’s almost a shame to tuck in and destroy the neatly placed ingredients. WEBSITE

Favourite Pizza: Fiori di zucca al quadrato – Fiori di Zucca cream, smoked provola, mayonnaise with anchovy sauce, fiori di zucca, mint, ricotta, Himalayan omkum seaweed and Fontana Lupo EVO oil.


50 Kalò Ciro Salvo,
Napoli, Campania

50 Kalò is among the six Italian pizzerias highlighted by the Michelin Guide. It is run by Ciro Salvo who, according to the New York Times, offers ‘One of the best pizza in Italy’. His pursuit of light, digestible and super-hydrated dough has earned him awards and recognition from the most authoritative national and international critics. The pizza menu changes with the seasons and is the result of research that gives space to DOP and IGP branded products such as Provolone del Monaco, Ciauscolo, Parmigiano Reggiano aged 24 months, and local rarities from small artisans such as the red sausage of Castelpoto and the aprilatico broccoli of Partenopoli. You can also find 50 Kalò in Rome and London. WEBSITE

Favourite Pizza: Carciofi e Bresaola – white base with buffalo mozzarella, roasted artichokes, bresaola carpaccio, flakes of Parmigiano Reggiano DOP 24 months, extra virgin olive oil.


concettina ai 3 santi, napoli, campania

If you’re looking for authentic, exquisite pizza then one of the places you should definitely visit is Concettina ai Tre Santi, a pizzeria born around 70 years ago by the Oliva Family and has since maintained its legacy in being one of the best pizzerias in the city. You can order a la carte or, as we suggest, try the tasting menu curated by Ciro Oliva that takes you through a journey not only through his life experiences but also through the history of Neapolitan culinary traditions. You will try some of the most incredible specialties, from Pizza Fritta…To Pasta Fritta con sugo alla Genovese, a sauce considered to be ‘for the poor’ and used to be given to the Genovese portsmen upon their stop to Naples. Seasonal ingredients are used therefore the menu changes from time to time but expect stracciatella cheese, burrata, parmesan, caviar and truffle. To close nicely the culinary feast, indulge in some pizza with chocolate sauce or freshly made compote as well as a home made Rhum babà. WEBSITE 

Favourite Pizza: If you don’t try the tasting menu then we suggest La Marinara – Tomato sauce base, anchovies, olives, capers, garlic and origano.

The best pizza in Italy International Pizza Day
Pizza al tartufo da Concettina ai Tre Santi


Amalfi Pizza & Gin,
Cagliari, Sardegna

Situated in a very picturesque location overlooking the Bastione di Santa Croce in the city of Cagliari, Amalfi Pizza & Gin is a contemporary space that serves Pizza Napoletana that you can pair with a Gin Tonic for a unique evening. WEBSITE

Favourite Pizza: L’assoluta di Bottarga – stracciatella, tasty ricotta creamed with lemon and the very delicate bottarga, accompanied by lemon zest.

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