Anish Kapoor lands in Florence

15 October 2023
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The Italy Insider

Kickstarting a collaboration with Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi

From October 7, 2023, Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi will open to the public a new major exhibition conceived and created in collaboration with Anish Kapoor, the renowned master who has revolutionised the concept of sculpture in contemporary art. Curated by Arturo Galansino, General Director of Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi, the exhibition offers a journey through monumental installations, intimate spaces, and provocative forms, creating an original and engaging dialogue with the architecture and the audience of Palazzo Strozzi. Through historical and recent works, including a new production specifically conceived in dialogue with the architecture of the Florentine Renaissance courtyard, the exhibition becomes an invitation to engage in a direct dialogue with Kapoor’s art in its versatility, discordance, entropy, and ephemerality.

Palazzo Strozzi becomes a place that is both concave and convex, whole and fragmented at the same time, inviting the visitor to question their own senses. In the art of Anish Kapoor, the unreal blends with the untrue, transforming or denying the common perception of reality. The artist invites visitors to explore a world where the boundaries between true and false dissolve, opening the doors to the dimension of the impossible. His works combine empty and full spaces, absorbing and reflective surfaces, geometric and biomorphic forms. In a world where reality seems increasingly elusive and manipulable, Anish Kapoor challenges us to seek truth beyond appearances, inviting us to explore the territory of the unlikely, the unreal and the untrue.

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By Ela Bialkowska OKNO studio courtesy of Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi

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