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31 January 2023
Written by Lucrezia Worthington

You know those dark, moody places filled (or almost clattered) with trinkets and items that perhaps for someone someday had a lot of sentimental value? Items that have a story, maybe legendary? From 1930s inspired speakeasies to the coolest designed hotels, we have gathered a few spots you must visit in Milan if you love a retro/vintage design.


1930 Cocktail bar

Inspired by the speakeasies of the Prohibition era, the 1930 cocktail bar narrates travel through the art of mixology. The initial surprise is walking into a corner shop that separates you from a wunderkammer, filled with various objects that identify different destinations all over the world (which also become cocktail menus). The menu changes every six months taking you on a journey across the globe, and this season 1930 will transport you to Africa through tastes, garnishes, spices and stories behind each curated cocktail. You can only read the name of the cocktail on the menu, leaving your instinct to decide which cocktail is for you, however the Madagascan Baobab Tree is a special, exquisite drink you’ll have to try if you like fresh, not overly sweet drinks. It’s a rum infused cocktail served inside its tree that represents the population who would punch holes in the tree to collect rainwater to drink from – a beautiful story and one of many you will find here. WEBSITE

1930 Cocktail Bar


Aethos Milano,

Strategically located in the Milano Navigli district, yet tucked away from the usual hustle and buste is Aethos Milano a hotel that was acquired by the Swiss Hotel Group just under two years ago. Only 33 rooms, each uniquely designed and furnished with two key elements as a fil rouge: sport and vintage. The previous owner Alessandro was a collector who gathered various objects from flea markets around the world and are today displayed inside each room. From ‘strike’ to the ‘clubhouse’, the hotel has paid particular attention in preserving this identity even though new and exciting things are on the cards with a new restaurant Zaia and it’s middle eastern fusion cuisine is due to open mid February, as well as a Member’s Club with an array of events, masterclasses and talks to look forward to. Aethos itself at the moment presents a courtyard dressed in 1920s furnishings where guests can enjoy an aperitif with a very interesting sharing menu for bites. Breakfast is also served in this very room yet the beating heart is The Doping Bar, the very essence of the hotel where the story all began. Expect a menu that focuses around a variety of flavours and techniques concentrated around the experimentation with herbs, botanicals and homemade spirits (the Basil Smash is an excellent cocktail to try). WEBSITE


Moebius, centrale

Moebius is a multifaceted location that offers a range of experiences from the bistro to the restaurant, cocktail bar, vinyl store and live jazz music. The cuisine is managed by Executive Chef Enrico Croatti, the only Italian chef to have obtained a Michelin star in Spain. This recognition sparked a the idea to focus the gastronomic offer on the world of tapas, in a casual version at the bistro and in an experimental key at the restaurant. Moebius is set out as a meeting place on the ground floor, with large sharing tables or smaller lounge-feel areas where you can take a seat and enjoy your favourite cocktail with a few shared bites. Every Monday and Thursday your evening is accompanied by live music from Jazz, Blues, Swing and Bossa Nova. WEBSITE

Where to eat in Milan
Entrance to Moebius


porta ticinese

Imagine your Italian grandmother invites you over for dinner. Risoelatte is a casual diner with a menu inspired by home cooked cuisine. There are two locations in Milan: Ticinese and Duomo. The cuisine is filled with simple flavours that reconnect you back to childhood like Riso e Latte, a dish that dates back a few centuries and was considered as ‘comfort’ food in Northern Italy. This dish is proposed both as a first course and a sweetened version for desert. Many local dishes also feature in the menu such as Risotto alla Milanese allo Zafferano, Riso al salto, ossobuco, cotoletta and orecchio d’elefante. As you can imagine, the design is also very retro inspired by the 60s. WEBSITE

Where to eat in Milan


Officina Milano,
porta ticinese

Officina Milano is a very popular cocktail bar in Milan, with distinctive and unique features. This is a place where time stands still and where a magical atmosphere harks back to 1950s Milan, to the world of motorbikes and vintage cars. In this suspended place you can relax and serenely enjoy your drink or brunch. WEBSITE

Where to go in Milan
Officina Milano interior


Spirit de Milan,

Spirit de Milan is a soulful place located in the outskirts of Milan to go with a group of friends for a laugh, a few drinks and listen to some chill music. You can enjoy a cocktail for an aperitif with some nibbles or take a seat at Fabbrica della Sgagnosa restaurant, where you can try traditional Lombard dishes with locally sourced products. Every evening there’s a different music theme from music and cabaret on Tuesdays, rock on Wednesdays, old Milanese classics on Thursdays, 60s, 70s and 80s tunes on Friday, 30s and swing on Saturdays to end with blues or jazz on Sundays. WEBSITE


u barba,

U Barba is an osteria born from the dream of lifelong friends, Genoese by origin and in love with Milan. It is an informal and different place; a spot where you can eat, drink, chat outdoors with friends, and maybe even play “bocce”. WEBSITE



ATMosfera offers you the chance to see Milan from a new and tasty perspective, allowing you to enjoy a meal on board one of the two historic trams while being transported around the main attractions of central Milan. Online reservation is required. WEBSITE

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