Visit the coast near Rome with Marie Louise Sciò

5 July 2023
Written by
Sara Magro

Ideas for a weekend
in Ladispoli

Marie Louise Sciò is CEO and Creative Director of Pellicano Hotels Group as well as being a trendsetter and inventor of fashion, food and lifestyle with the ultimate brand @issimo. Here Marie Louise suggests where to go and what to do during an escape in the splendid villa that houses the Jean Paul Getty collection by the sea.

A must visit?
The Castello di Santa Severa, a Il Castello di Santa Severa, a fourteenth-century castle built on the remains of an early medieval garrison and one of the most mesmerising places in the area with a fantastic little beach. It is the perfect destination for those who cannot decide between medieval ruins and a relaxing sunny day. WEBSITE

A stolen secret?
The incredible Roman Villa from the 2nd century BC discovered by Jean Paul Getty during the restoration works of La Posta Vecchia located beneath the hotel. The remains of this ancient marvel were first revealed in the gardens and further excavations under the Renaissance foundations uncovered more treasures: ancient walls, mosaics, African and Greek marbles and a host of fascinating artefacts such as plates, amphorae and cruets. It’s an amazing opportunity to step back in time and witness the legacy of ancient civilisations. WEBSITE

An unmissable excursion?
Lago di Bracciano with the majestic Castello Odescalchi adding a quick pitstop in the historic village of Tolfa with it’s breathtaking views. I also suggest to end your journey at Anguillara Sabazia to witness the sunset views across the lake.

The best moment of the day?
I am a morning person and therefore I would say sunrise with the rarefied air and the light that gently reveals the beauty of the coast.

A special experience?
The Roman artichoke sagra (local festival) in Ladispoli. In mid-April the atmosphere transforms and the artichoke becomes the protagonist in recipes, sculptures and more along the course of three days. At The Cesar restaurant of La Posta Vecchia we also honour this vegetable with artichokes handpicked from our garden.

The essence of Ladispoli?
It’s a timeless place situated on the outskirts of Rome where you can experience the charm of ancient Rome with the indulgence of those who live by the sea. You will find a combination of villages, beaches, wild nature and historical monuments that will transport you back in time.

An unforgettable dish?
The cacio e pepe by chef Antonio Magliulo at The Cesar and for fish lovers any dish at Pescheria La Paranza in Ladispoli, a fish market and restaurant, where you can choose what you wish to order directly from the fish counter.

The most beautiful landscape?
From La Posta Vecchia hotel for heartfelt reasons but also from the Torre Saracena of Castello di Santa Severa from which you can see the submerged Roman pool.

The souvenir?
On the spot I would say a bunch of artichokes, but I truly recommend to take home the scent of our coastal gardens with “L’Orto Italiano” candle by ISSIMO x Byredo. WEBSITE

A must drink?
Natural or biodynamic wine from the region of Lazio.

What to pack for the weekend?
A scarf, a notebook, a pair of Scholl X ISSIMO and my favorite books… I love biographies!

Sun-splashed beach?
Our private beach or swimming pool of La Posta Vecchia, but for adventure lovers I recommend Marina di San Nicola, perfect for surfing and windsurfing.

Why Ladispoli and surroundings?
For its genuine warmth and unexpected beauty, two characteristics that are worth the trip.

La Posta Vecchia swimming pool

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