A new museum in milan: Fondazione luigi Rovati

31 August 2022
Written by
Sara Magro

For a culture kick in the city

The Rovati Foundation in Milan, starting from September 2022, opens its doors to young emerging artists, aiming to bridge the artistic productions of the Etruscan era with contemporary art influences.

Ontani room by Giovanni de Sandre. Courtesy Fondazione Luigi Rovati

Housed in the historic Bocconi-Rizzoli-Carraro palace on Corso Venezia, in the very heart of Milan, the museum draws inspiration from the evocative Etruscan tombs of Cerveteri, offering an immersive experience exploring the afterlife concept. This project has received a warm welcome from the artistic and cultural community, representing a significant cultural asset for the city. The museum exhibition links Etruscan artifacts with contemporary artworks, spanning two floors dedicated to the respective eras and thematic sections. The underground level showcases various thematic sections, including “Nature,” featuring Etruscan vases and Arturo Martini’s “Medusa Head.” There’s a section on alphabets and writing, displaying inscribed ceramics with translations using innovative technology. The “Deities” section highlights Lucio Fontana’s ceramic plate, depicting a warrior battle. The main hall explores Etruscan daily life, covering topics like homes and workshops, featuring a vase created by Picasso. The Piano Nobile is vibrant, with original 19th-century rooms designed by Filippo Perego. Strong color impacts and an engaging presentation foster a dialogue between archaeology and contemporary art. The main rooms include the Blue Room, White Room, Arms Room, and Fuchsia Room exhibiting internationally known artists such as Luigi Ontani, Giulio Paolini, Francesco Simeti, Marianna Kennedy. The Rovati Foundation’s commitment to preserving Italian cultural heritage and its innovative approach to this exhibition have garnered public appreciation since its inception.

The Foundation also houses a Michelin starred restaurant by chef Andrea Aprea on the top floor (with a beautiful view on Milan’s historic and contemporary icons), and a bar for pleasant breakfasts and aperitives.

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