A contemporary Vision of rome with RomaDiffusa

28 September 2023
Written by
Lucrezia Worthington

From 28 September to 1 October

Romadiffusa is the first itinerant cultural festival designed to change the narrative of the city, enhance the territory, and build networks. Founded by Maddalena Salerno and Sara D’agati, also founders of the creative agency BLA Studio, this concept is created to represent a contemporary city. This year, the spotlight shines on the historic centre, transforming it for 4 days into a creative and active space where fresh and modern content meets historical and traditional locations.

Maddalena and Sara explain that “the goal is to bring people together to enjoy content they perhaps would never have discovered otherwise, all within in traditional Roman cultural places: the bakery, the osteria, the car shop, the artisans’ workshop, and the church.”

Photo Courtesy Romadiffusa
Photo Courtesy Romadiffusa

From concerts in historic locations to short films, stand up comedies to food and wine tastings in the coolest outlets – not to mention of course the late night parties with live DJ sets: everything you need to know about the programme is here.

As for the festival highlights we name a few:


Friday morning begins with the installation and workshop “Beast Mother” by the artistic duo Grossi Maglioni at the Barracco Museum, wine tasting on the go starting from Camillo at Piazza Navona and visiting the iconic wine shops in the district, the Vernissage of artists at the N0 Project Room on Via del Governo Vecchio, the takeover of the historic Piazza della Moretta and Piazza Pasquino with music, DJ sets, food, and stand-up comedy at Bar Perù. In the evening, there’s a performative dinner with Brama at Cappella Orsini, followed by a live performance by Steve Pepe in an underground amphitheater near Piazza Navona.


Saturday starts with the “Open Streets” format, which pedestrianises Via del Pellegrino and Via dei Banchi Nuovi, featuring street stands and setups by artisans, businesses, and antique shops offering food, wine, and music. The morning continues with workshops in the historic center: engraving, mosaic, bookbinding, wicker weaving, and ceramics. In the afternoon, there’s a short film festival at Palazzo Altemps, a creative writing course at the Casa delle Letterature, and a tribute to Gabriella Ferri at her historic residence.

In the art scene, there’s the widespread performance “Meta-tourism” by the artist-run space Post Ex, curated by Giuliana Benassi, reflecting on places and clichés related to mass tourism in the historic centre. There’s also a live performance by Coca Puma at the Napoleon Museum, Rebeca Pak’s performance setting up an “ideal” bar inside the Galleria Eugenia Delfini, an exclusive guided tour of the exhibition by New York artist Matvey Levenstein at the Lorcan O’Neill gallery, and the Psychoedelic Kitchen performance at in Vicolo del Celso. Finally, in the evening, there’s live music in Piazza della Moretta, a live performance by Planet Opal in the courtyard of Palazzo Gaddi, and the Treetops at the Arciliuto Theater.


Sunday begins with jazz at the Barracco Museum, followed by new workshops, including floral design with designer Dylan Tripp, watercolor painting, chess in the square, and various tours, from queer Rome to the cinema and architectural, vintage, and photographic tours. For lunch, there are various options, from pasta dishes in Piazza dei Coronari to a musical brunch at Camillo in Piazza Navona. In the afternoon, there’s a jam session at Piazza Pasquino, a piano marathon at Palazzo Braschi, a screening at Palazzo Altemps with Piccolo America, a performance by Neux Voix at the Antica Litografia Ferranti, and much more.

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