of the best Spa Hotels in Northern Italy

20 December 2021
Written by Lucrezia Worthington

During the winter months, nothing beats a SPA escape where the most difficult choice you have to make is whether to take a Bio Sauna or Turkish Bath or if to have a facial or full body massage. Either way, a weekend (or longer) getaway in a scenic location to get in contact with nature and focus on your mental and physical wellbeing is essential, and we have rounded up our top seven hotels with the best spa offerings to help you reset and regain your energies. From contemporary castles to lodges perched along the lake in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Dolomites, get ready to pack your bags because the Christmas holidays call for detox and a steamy hot sauna.


Lefay Resort & SPA Dolomiti, trentino

Situated in the heart of the Dolomites, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and perched above the small, charming village of Pinzolo is the Lefay Resort & Spa Dolomiti, sister hotel to the original Lefay on Lake Garda. This alpine resort is an idyllic haven for those seeking to dedicate some time to balance and reset their energies. Its design has a fundamental role to play: the interior, curated by Studio Apostoli, has a scandi-style, minimalistic approach with the combination of earthly elements such as stone and wood whereas the exterior is made up of a gigantic glass panel that offers an extraordinary view over the lit up sky at night. The sense of zen is then fortified by the wellness offerings that are a blend of Eastern and Western techniques. Spend the day in the SPA, a sanctuary that brings to light the benefits nature can have on both emotional and physical health and don’t forget to try the sauna circuits, and energy-therapeutic paths and, indoor and outdoor pool. WEBSITE

This is for you if: You would like professional medical and specialised health and wellness consultations.

Indoor pool at Lefay Resort & Spa Dolomites
Indoor pool at Lefay Resort & Spa Dolomiti


forestis dolomites, bolzano, alto adige

Located at 1.800m, FORESTIS is a literal refuge immersed in the total silence of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site.. Its surroundings have a calming and regenerating effect on the body and on the psyche, stimulating not only a great night’s sleep but also a regeneration of the mind. Wellness and nutrition are two fundamental aspects of this hotel: the SPA is inspired by the natural doctrine of the Celts who were closely tied to the natural world and believed that there were supernatural forces in every aspect of nature. FORESTIS combines the four natural elements: spirng-water, mountain air, sunshine and a mild climate to the decor of the SPA such as the pure waters of the Plose mountain fills the stone pool; whereas the devoted principle of the four trees: mountain pine, sprice, larch and stone pine is integrated with the signature treatments as each of these trees contain active ingredients that allow the human body to regenerate. As for the cuisine, Executive Chef Roland Lamprecht believes thoroughly in the benefits of natural, authentic, earthly food and therefore creates a cuisine that combines fresh ingredients sourced from either nature or local farmers with his creative, contemporary abilities. WEBSITE

This is for you if: you are intrigued by the power of nature in every aspect.

Outdoor terrace at Forestis Dolomites



bolzano, alto adige

Finding balance between ‘hedonistic’ and ‘eudemonic’ wellbeing, as Aristotle once said, sets you on the path to true health and happiness. This is one of the core pillars at Preidlhof, a five star luxury resort located South Tyrol. The experience begins the moment you step foot in the resort and look over the rolling hills with scattered vineyards and apple orchards and continues as you immerse yourself in the 5000m2 space made up of swimming pools (10 of them), a sauna (6 floors!), gardens and the National Park. This is the place to rediscover yourself and find your peace in the naturally detoxifying setting. Furthermore, Preidlhof offers transformational wellness programmes with the help of skilled therapists to help stimulate and guide you through whichever healing you are looking for from a physical, emotional and mental point of view. There are also two restaurants: Gourmet Restaurant with a farm-to-table approach, serving traditional cuisine from the South Tyrol area and the Wellness Restaurant for guests who are on a specific health programme or retreat. Here, the cuisine takes on a more mindful approach. WEBSITE

This is for you if: you’re looking for a place to reset your habits and embark on the journey of mindful living.

Preidlhof Spa
Preidlhof spa


my arbor,

bolzano, alto adige

My Arbor is a wellness hotel literally suspended among the trees in Trentino Alto Adige. Its placement says a lot about the place, and here nature leads the way. My Arbor is simply about being in the moment, feeling every sensation and living every moment. Wellness plays a very important role at My Arbor and the SPA is exceptionally equipped. In fact, the list of treatments and massages is extensive with the use of natural and holistic skincare that find their beneficial properties in nature. But wellness at My Arbor goes beyond a treatment; here the possibilities to relax are endless. From spending the day dipping in the heated pool or winding down at the sauna to practicing yoga and pilates. However one of the most unique and perhaps instrumental ways to connect with nature is forest bathing, and this activity is organised at My Arbor and consists of a 2.5hr meditative excursion. Nutrition also plays a fundamental role here, where unique ingredient combinations, plays on flavours, traditions and artistic presentation sum up the culinary scene. Furthermore every day is different, the menu changes from breakfast all the way through to dinner, maintaining a sense of excitement and curiosity. WEBSITE

This is for you if: you’re looking for somewhere to whisk you off your feet.

My Arbor Spa
The Sauna with a view


Castel HÖrtenberg, bolzano, alto adige

Set within a Renaissance castle, Castel Hörtenberg is the perfect example that classic and contemporary can coexist harmoniously. The castle, whose heritage dates back to over 500 years ago, today represents a blend of ancient history, urban style and a traditional craftsmanship. The interiors have been redesigned by Anna Podini and a group of architects who have given this contemporary, elegant and luxurious feel to the design, with an abundance of wood that ties in with its natural surroundings. One thing we love about this location is that a certain ‘mood’ has been assigned to each room from ‘the personal nest’ in the Superior Garden Room to a ‘sophisticated and traditional’ in the Stube Suite. As well as introducing natural elements in the hotel’s design, Castel Hörtenberg pays particular attention to the healing properties of nature with regards to the SPA. Besides the sauna, steam room, relaxation room, emotional showers and a fitness room, the hotel offers numerous aesthetic and holistic treatments aimed at releasing stress and regenerating the state of mind. A ‘must-try’ among the treatments is the ‘back special’ with honey’, a massage with the use of honey that improves the flexibility and oxygenation of muscles. It is then followed by acupressure on specific meridian energy lines, relieving body and mind of any tension. WEBSITE

This is for you if: you’re looking for a beautifully curated design in the midst of a natural setting.



bolzano, alto adige

There are five ADLER hotels in Italy with four in Northern Italy, however there is one where nature plays the absolute protagonist and that is ADLER Lodge RITTEN, nestled among the forest in South Tyrol, above the regions capital of Bolzano. The five star luxury resort is much more than exceptional quality services. It offers something way beyond hospitality; it offers a slower and more conscious way of life. The ambience created by its surroundings is that of an enchanted garden that highlights not only the power of nature but also the value of the Italian territory that can be so rich and diverse. The hotel acts as a balcony over the Dolomites offering a breathtaking panorama thanks to the glass panels but it also reflects the raw essence of nature due to the natural materials used in building the hotel itself. Inside the lodge, you’re welcomed into a warm ambiance, due to the red-ish, brown-ish palettes and a low use of lighting both as a sustainable practice but also for a cosy feel.In the main Lodge, you can immerse yourself in the SPA, take a swim in the infinity pool, dip in the Turkish bath and wind down in the panoramic relaxation area that faces the forest. But for an even more intimate experience, book one of the 20 junior suites that contain a private biosauna or one of the 20 chalets that feature a private sauna and overlook the natural lake. WEBSITE

This is for you if: having a private sauna in your room makes your trip.

ADLER Lodges along the lake



bormio, lombardia

QC Terme Bagni Nuovi is surrounded by the enchanting alpine panorama that offers a winter wonderland, magical touch. The hotel features four types of rooms ranging from Classic to the Royal Suite ( actually designed for the visit of Vittorio Emanuele III King of Italy in 1917) with either garden or mountain views. This location is idyllic for those wishing to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse oneself in a wellness, revitalising hub where your days consist of hopping between the four pools (thermal, fresh water and waterfalls), detoxifying in the sauna and nestling in one of the many relaxation rooms, each with their own scents and purpose. To complete the wellness journey, QC Terme Bagni Nuovi offers an array of rituals, treatments and massages in a setting that encourages bliss through chromotherapy, aromatherapy and background music. WEBSITE

This is for you if: you are looking for a weekend city escape or a day trip to the spa.

QC Terme Bagni Nuovi

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