things to do in Terre di Pisa this Autumn

5 September 2023
Written by The Italy Insider

Amidst the rolling hills, ancient hamlets, coastal beauty, and serene mountains, Terre di Pisa rivals the quintessential Tuscan postcard. A tapestry woven with art, history, culinary delights, artisanal craft, and enduring authenticity, dating back to Etruscan times, reveals an unexpected, untouched region. Here five experiences to sign in your agenda.


Truffle Hunting at Castelfalfi

Join the truffle hunting venture this season at Castelfalfi set amidst the picturesque landscape of Tuscany, guests embark on a guided white truffle hunt through the lush woodlands, accompanied by expert truffle hunters and their skilled truffle-sniffing dogs. As you wander through the scenic countryside, the anticipation builds, and the thrill of uncovering these elusive treasures becomes a memorable adventure for sixty minutes. This experience is available from September to December. WEBSITE

Truffle hunting at Castelfalfi


DIscover the world of vespa at Piaggio Museum, Pontedera

Pontedera houses the Piaggio Museum, a tribute to the much loved Italian scooter: Vespa. In the museum you’ll discover a collection that showcases vintage models from the very first MP5 Paperino of 1945 to the 2018 Vespa 946 and everything in between such as rare prototypes and memorabilia.It’s a must-visit destination for enthusiasts of design, engineering, and Italian craftsmanship, offering a unique perspective on the enduring legacy of the Vespa scooter. WEBSITE

Vintage vespa


Cherry Liquor tasting at Liquoreria Meini, lari

Liquoreria Meini is a traditional family-owned distillery founded in 1874 in Lari, a town immersed in the Pisan countryside known for its exquisite fruits. It is their cherry liqueur that is worth tasting, made from the finest, organically grown cherries – but of course you can ask to taste other products that strike your fancy. WEBSITE


A day trip to Volterra

Volterra, a picturesque Tuscan gem, exudes an old-world charm that enchants all who wander its cobbled streets. Its medieval towers, such as the Torre del Porcellino and Torre dei Lambardi, stand as enduring symbols of its rich history. This ancient town harmoniously marries its Etruscan roots with Renaissance art, inviting visitors to explore its captivating museums and archaeological sites. Volterra’s timeless allure, artisanal crafts, and delectable cuisine make it a must-visit destination in the heart of Italy’s enchanting landscape. You can visit the Eco Museum of Alabaster, which showcases the art of alabaster carving and explores its historical and ecological significance. Visitors delve into Volterra’s geological history while admiring exquisite creations, following an educational and artistic experience. WEBSITE

The views across Volterra


get lost in the marvelous Certosa of Pisa

The Certosa of Pisa, a captivating masterpiece of Italian architecture, stands as a testament to centuries of spiritual devotion, starting from 1366. This serene complex, officially known as the Certosa di Calci, is located near Pisa. Its elegant cloisters, exquisite frescoes, and tranquil gardens offer visitors a profound sense of history and tranquility. Originally a Carthusian monastery, today it welcomes seekers of culture and serenity, offering a glimpse into the past amid the picturesque Tuscan landscape. Inside, the Natural History Museum guards one stone of pyradoketosite, an orange mineral rarer than diamonds. The Certosa of Pisa is in the village of Calci. WEBSITE

Certosa di Pisa by Stefano Puzzuoli

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