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26 December 2023
Written by Artzan. Italian Craftsmanship

Last month we went to the first edition of the Salone dell’Alto Artigianato in Venice, a high-end Italian craftsmanship fair organized at the Arsenale di Venezia with the goal of celebrating Italian art and craftsmanship. In the ancient pavilions of the Tese delle Nappe and San Cristoforo, a large group of craftsmen and -women from all over Italy had the opportunity to show their works. It was a great chance for the Artzan Team to discover some of the best Italian glass masters. Much space was given to the ancient tradition of glassmaking in Venice and surroundings. Since the 13th century, glass production has been concentrated on the Venetian islands of Murano and Burano. Today, Murano is known for its art glass, having a long history of innovations in glassmaking. Here is Artzan’s list of the best glass makers in Venice and surroundings.



Vaporetto is a project by Enrico Trabacchin, a Venetian entrepreneur who is passionate about art. After meeting two Murano Glass Masters – the Ballarin brothers – in 2019, he decided to share his commercial and digital skills to promote the ancient art of Murano blown glass in the international market. The partnership between Vaporetto and Cortella & Ballarin has the aim to produce limited editions of artistic objects for the functional art glass market and it consists of highly artistic valuable pieces realized by flame-worked borosilicate glass. The Vaporetto collection includes also a selection of exclusive vases, glasses and interior decorations. WEBSITE

Courtesy Vaporetto


Gocce di Murano

The history of Gocce di Murano [in eng. Murano drops] has ancient roots: the secrets and techniques of the art of hand-blown and hand-crafted glass have been passed down from generation to generation, resulting in many successes over the years due to the rare craftsmanship and beauty of their products, which have furnished beautiful houses all over the world. In the 70s Gocce di Murano had great success with the creation of collections of submerged glass sculptures. Today we recommend to take a look at their wonderful table wear. For your Christmas mise-en-place we suggest a set of their beautiful glasses, which will give to your table a special glitz and colour. WEBSITE


The M

The M Venezia is a brand born in 2019 from the idea of ​​Luca and Marta, who – after years of experience in prestigious fashion companies in Milan – decided to turn their magical vision into reality. Faithful to its Italian roots, the brand celebrates Venetian quality and tradition by combining them with a contemporary approach. Creating modern jewelries out of glass pieces, using the famous venetian “murrine”, the goal is to best enhance the typical craftsmanship of such a beautiful and ancient art in a modern key, combining it with bijoux that can be worn every day. We couldn’t resist to this wonderful “murrine”, as we visited their pop-up collaboration in the Falconeri Store in Venice. WEBSITE

Courtesy the M Venezia


Arcade Murano

Since its foundation in 1990, ARCADE’s history has been influenced by encounters: between the founder Ivan Baj and numerous glass masters, between water and sand, sea and earth, matter and steam, form and color. Immersed in unexpected contexts or reemerged from familiar places, these encounters have given birth, throughout time, to collections of vases in glass. Every vase of ARCADE’s collection possesses a poetic potential. Definitely a good choice for luxury furniture and art lovers. WEBSITE


Effe Due Murano

Since 1969 the artisan company Effe Due Murano produces prestigious Murano glass of excellent quality and workmanship, according to the ancient techniques of the Muranese tradition. Glasses, bottles, vases, lamps, chandeliers, sculptures, bijoux completely handmade and mouth blown, to satisfy a demanding public but attentive to the quality-price ratio. As Chiara Fuga explains, beautiful things have no time. WEBSITE


Lu Murano

Fabio Fornasier’s aesthetic eye was forged through a continuous process of training, experimentation, travel, and meetings with the contemporary art world. This led to the creation of all of his works of art and modern chandeliers. The Fornasier Glass Factory was founded in Murano over 50 years ago, thanks to the talent and technical knowledge of the Master Glassmaker Luigi Fornasier, an esteemed expert in the working of Venetian chandeliers. Son of glass art, and following the advice of his father Luigi, Fabio became a very young master. Maestro Fabio Fornasier loves to define his artistic chandeliers with a veil of irony, as “illuminating works”. WEBSITE

Courtesy Lu Murano



If you visit Piazza San Marco, you can’t miss the historical boutique of Salviati. Since 1859, Salviati has been researching new vernaculars languages of Murano glass interpreting and modernizing its inexhaustible magic, in a continual flow of liquid and solid matter. Salviati has always defined contemporary and design, a real trend-setter: after 160 years, it is within its DNA to surprise customers by innovating and satisfying their desire to be forward-thinking. WEBSITE


Wave Murano Glass

Wave Murano Glass was born in January 2017 from Roberto Beltrami’s passion for glass. Based on the Murano Island, in an old building that dates back to 1850 with a factory footprint of 1500m2, Wave Murano Glass runs five glass melting furnaces that burn 24/7, eleven months per year, at an average temperature of 1150°C. The team is made out of ten of the best and most talented glass craftsmen on the island of Murano. You can book an experience at their factory with a guided tour to discover the beauty of glass making. WEBSITE

Courtesy Wave Murano Glass


4 Glass Murano

The expertise in glassworking of 4 Glass Murano has come a long way; part of the generation of master glassmakers whose roots date back to the thirteenth century, when the Doge decided that all the Venetian glass kilns should be transferred to Murano island. From that time on, the island of Murano rapidly became the world capital of glass production and today 4 Glass Murano continues this ancient tradition, reinterpreting ancient techniques in a modern way. WEBSITE


Orovetro Murano

OroVetro Murano is an authentic Murano glass brand, born in 1998 from the common vision of entrepreneurs Manuel Tarlà and Davide Vianello. OroVetro Murano produces and selects exclusive furnishing and lighting accessories. It’s a pleasure to rediscover the glass tradition in this production, composed of collections of chandeliers, glasses, sculptures and vases. Launching a new contemporary elegance, the result is an astonishing and delicate balance between artisan mastery and contemporary design. Also, keep your eyes out for a series of events at OroVetro that consist of eye-catching performances at the furnace from March 2024 to October 2024. Discover more on the WEBSITE.

If you are in Murano don’t miss the Murano Glass Museum, the MUVE – Museo del Vetro. It is placed in a beautiful ancient building on the island. The palace was the ancient residency of the bishops of Torcello. Today, the ceiling of the large central room (or portego) on the first floor, overlooking the Grand Canal in Murano, testifies the original splendor of the palace with an 18th century fresco by Francesco Zugno. The Murano Glass Museum collection is organized chronologically; starting from an archaeological section on the ground floor, which contains noteworthy Roman works dating from the 1st to the 3rd century A.D., it follows to the largest historical collection of Murano glass in the world, with pieces dating from the 15th to the 20th century, many of them world-famous masterpieces.

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